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Ability to close some questions directly [duplicate]

I had a look into the new queue (Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue!) and noticed that there are a lot of questions, which I would consider to close. There are questions about what ...
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Can we add a tag filter option to the Help & Improvement review queue? [duplicate]

Some queues have a filter option that allow reviewers to only review items related to specific tags. For example, the First Posts review queue has one: I feel most comfortable improving questions ...
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Where are the posts in "Help and Improvement" from? What actions are expected to do? [duplicate]

I'm making all kinds of reviews in a long time. And now I'm working on the "Help and Improvement" queue. After a period of reviewing, I found that I can rarely make some really good improvement on ...
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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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What causes you to abandon an edit?

I'm working on that last queue that we'll be adding to /review as part of the quality project, and it's arguably the most interesting piece of the puzzle. It's a queue where folks that are ...
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Thwart publishing duplicate and low quality questions

I had a thought when I was reading over this post and its interesting answers: Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions? specifically this answer. Why do we allow duplicates and low ...
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How to fix triage! (?)

Problem statement A large segment of the triage "Requires Editing" votes are simply wrong. The people voting don't understand the essential difference between requires editing by OP and requires ...
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Please rename the "Should be improved" button

The HIQ is currently full of questions that indeed can be improved, as they don't contain enough details, however that's not the purpose of the HIQ. Should be improved seems to be incorrectly ...
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We should clean up posts that should be improved but haven't been and won't be

It's been about 5 months since we started testing Triage. There've been a fair number of hiccups, and there's still plenty of work to be done refining the criteria, but at this point I think the ...
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Is the "Help and Improvement" queue just bad-question purgatory?

The Problem I keep trying to review questions in the Help and Improvement queue, but I'm finding it impossible. The only action options are Edit and Skip, but every question I have seen is ...
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Triage gray areas - what should we do when the question is borderline?

This was pointed out in an answer to the original topic thread, but could probably do with more extraction, as it can be viewed as quite subjective whether a question qualifies for "Looks Okay&...
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Difference between Should Be Improved and Unsalvageable in Triage

I have recently been given access to the Triage review queue and actively reviewing questions on it. I am a little confused about when to use "Should be improved" and "unsalvagable". According to ...
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Is anyone else seeing repairable questions in the Help & Improvement Queue?

I've tried out the HIQ a few times. I can't find anything to do except click the link for 'no, not salvageable after all'. And I don't even get badge credit for that. Some process, or set of misguided ...
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HIQ "very low quality" link

It looks like a "question is very low quality" link was added to the HIQ (Help and Improvement Queue) recently. When should I click on this link? Should I click it anytime I think the question ...
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Why do we have an edit grace period?

As I see it the purpose of the "grace period" (the period of time when you may edit your question/answer without said edit showing up in the reivision history) is to either: Reduce the clutter in the ...
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