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Questions tagged [help-improvement]

For questions about the former Help and Improvement review queue, which was intended to help new users learn the ropes. This queue was retired in 2021.

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Why was I question-banned again after self-deleting my closed question? [duplicate]

I have already asked here yesterday for help to improve my posts and I'm very grateful for that. I was banned from posting questions on Stack Overflow and you helped me to revert that. Yesterday I ...
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Title is repeated in Help and improvement queue help page [closed]

In the Help and improvement queue help page, the title is repeating. Where as the other review help pages in the Review Queues help page doesn't have the repeated title. Screenshot for reference:
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In Help and Improvement, how can I write an edit summary without commenting [duplicate]

In the Help and Improvement Queue when I edit a question at the end I'm asked to Explain your edit in a comment The text is used as edit summary but it's also posted as comment on the question. ...
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How to nominate a post for Help & Improvement when it just needs a little help & improvement?

Suppose I read a post, and I think that it could be improved by some obvious edits. But I don't have time to do the edits right now. So I think to myself "Hey, I'll get the post into the help & ...
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Where should I ask about code design and implementation? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question (intially badly) about how I would implement a UI pattern with React not problems I was having with code. The question was ultimately closed due to being off topic. Where ...
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Very low quality flag coming from "Help and Improvement" queue got declined [duplicate]

In the "Help and Improvement" queue I was presented this question. At the time I saw it, the entire question was: in an Office JavaScript addin, is it possible to prompt the user to open a local ...
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5 votes
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How am I reviewing?

I recently crossed 2k rep (yay!) and therefore have access to three additional review queues. Until now I did a lot of reviewing in "First Posts", "Late Answers" and "Triage" where I had the number ...
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What happens when I mark a question as VLQ in the "Help and Improvement" queue?

I keep seeing the same questions repeatedly on this queue. This one was posted in Russian and I already flagged it as VLQ twice. Am I doing something wrong? What should I be doing instead of marking ...
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Help and Improvement Queue - Edit screen different

If I edit a question normally, the edit screen has four boxes: Title Body Tags Edit Summary If I edit a question using the "Edit" button in the H&I Queue, it also has four boxes: Body Title ...
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It's possible to flag a question as off-topic and very low quality through H&I

Today I was reviewing in the Help and Improvement review queue, and I clicked the "question is very low quality" button on one of the items I was reviewing. There are certain cases where VLQ flags can'...
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Rules for raising Very Low Quality flag on question automatically in Help and Improvement queue [duplicate]

I noticed that sometimes when I click "question is very low quality" this flag is automatically raised, but sometimes not. Suggestion is that it is raised when question has negative score, but I can't ...
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Help and Improvement review queue "header" not floating to the top of the page

All of the review queues that I have access to float the portion of the header that explains what the queue is for along with the buttons so it is always visible if one scrolls down the page. The ...
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Are edits from the Help and Improvement queue supposed to override pending suggested edits?

This concerns: My edit was pending for >45 minutes, then it was rejected ("This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit") after a 2k+ user ...
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Should we add an example in how to MCVE?

New users usually fail to post an MCVE, despite helpful commentary linking to How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. I am thinking why.. Could the link be more helpful by ...
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180 votes
4 answers

How to fix triage! (?)

Problem statement A large segment of the triage "Requires Editing" votes are simply wrong. The people voting don't understand the essential difference between requires editing by OP and requires ...
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1 answer

There should be possibility to filter "Help and Improved" reviews proposals by tags you are interested in

There is a very small chance that you would like to improve question you are not interested in. Currently "Help and Improved" proposes even questions were listed as "Ignored". Alternatively: we have ...
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93 votes
3 answers

The incorrect usage of "Requires Editing" is still causing problems. Can we do something about it?

So, I read this question yesterday and I posted a suggestion in an answer (now deleted) which I'm going to re-post here. The OP of that question addressed the fact that the "Help and Improvement" ...
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Are there statistics for "help and improvement"?

While writing this answer (where I express my frustration that the "help and improvement" queue seems to almost only consist of low-quality questions that could, if at all, only be improved by the ...
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Improve the Improvement queue instructions

The vast majority of questions currently in the Help and Improvement queue are clearly written, but lacking in sufficient details. I had to come to Meta to work out what I should do with these ...
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Email Settings - unclear description for "Community Milestones"

This On/Off toggle in account Email Settings: Community Milestones Notifications about bounties, reputation and more. Hint: sometimes involves swag. For user's bounties, I get it. But I don'...
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Why are only certain VLQ flags shown in my flagging history?

I recently wrote an answer to this question by Tim Post. In my answer I advocated to change the way the Helper Queue works. To strengthen my argument there I decided to gather some data on how the ...
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38 votes
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Remove the Help & Improvement queue! [duplicate]

This is intentionally a feature-request because it's a proposal for a change in an existing feature. I just swamped through a dozen or so posts from the "Help & Improvement" review queue and ...
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Why is 'question is very low quality' button on the right bottom in Help and Improvement review queue? [duplicate]

I recently discovered that there is a 'question is very low quality' hyperlink in the Help and Improvement queue which I had never noticed before. Is this a Work In Progress feature? I could not ...
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1 answer

Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

Triage guidance suggests this as a reason to pick Requires Editing: Pull code in from hosting site linked in question... Above guidance is easily available for Triage reviewers because it is ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Where some questions go after marked as 'question is very low quality'?

Sometimes a question, marked as "question is very low quality" in "Help and Improvement" review section, would end up in my "Flags" list (and, I guess, waiting in Triage queue, as I learned from this ...
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72 votes
2 answers

Triage "Requires Editing" Notification to New Reviewers

I have noticed quite a bit of very low-quality questions in the Help and Improvement review queue, such as this and this. Most of the blame is that triage fails to properly explain to new reviewers on ...
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2 answers

"Help and Improvement" is dead, can we please let it die

After going through the H&I queue today, I estimate that at least 90% of the questions there are irredeemable trash that could best be helped and/or improved by destroying them with the heat of a ...
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12 votes
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Proposed new workflow for Help & Improvement

From my memory, H&I has a few things that should be touched upon: Handling trash that Triage sends there incorrectly Handling spotless questions that Triage sends there incorrectly Handling ...
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Require some Close Vote experience before Triage

Triage is guilty of making many wrong decisions regarding the Requires Editing Button. Many questions that should have been closed as off topic are sent to Help & Improvement. Maybe some ...
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Help and Improvement queue show skipped question over and over

This question is already asked here: Help and Improvement queue skipped questions appearing again. That question was asked in Apr-2015. There are no answers to that question yet. The bug is neither ...
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24 votes
1 answer

How to handle identified spam in Help and Improvement

We have had a long discussion about the problem in the H&I-Queue here, because we can not take the actions we want to take. For example this here. Now the system said: Our system has ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Help and Improvement needs improvement

I spent some minutes clicking through the help and improvement review queue. I basically skipped all questions. These questions needed improvement, however, the only thing I could do is helping the ...
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72 votes
2 answers

What is the official moderator statement about low quality flags in the Help and Improvement queue?

After a long time I started reviewing in H&I again. Per this advice I flagged everything I would normally close as low quality. Now I am banned: Looking at the flags: How to separate datablocks ...
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89 votes
2 answers

Do we have any stats on how often the skip button is pressed?

Do we have some statistic about the ratio the skip button is clicked in the "Help and Improvement" queue? Just wondering if my ratio (which feels nearly 95%) is near the same as for other community ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How to Close a question in the Help and Improvement queue?

This is similar to 'Help and Improvement' needs help and HIQ “very low quality” link. Most of the questions I have seen in Help and Improvement are misclassified and many should be closed. There is a ...
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2 answers

On 'Help and Improvement' Review what should I do when I face a post that can be edited only by the owner?

Example: if there's missing code/info that only the OP can provide.
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1 answer

How to advise users that have questions closed as a duplicate

I have been a member of SO for around 6 months now. One thing which is struck me that is: I frequently see that when a new or existing user has a problem which has been answered before, it has been ...
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23 votes
1 answer

How does a post reach the Help and Improvement queue?

I'm trying to understand the whole work-flow of following review queues: Triage Help and Improvement Low Quality Posts Is a post likely to follow the above mentioned queue life-cycle in the serial ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Why do edited questions appear in the Help and Improvement Queue?

While reviewing in the "Help and Improvement" queue I came across many questions that already had been edited by other users, and they still appear in review queue. As I think once a question has been ...
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38 votes
2 answers

We finally need more appropriate review actions in Help and Improvement

First, I am aware of this Meta question. But we haven't heard of any improvements for a long time now. I think the problem is bigger than ever before. Currently I am skipping 19 out of 20 questions ...
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1 answer

Reputation by editing from "Help and Improvement" review queue [duplicate]

I just reached 2,000 reputation, and have unlocked "Help and Improvement". I edited some questions and I have the impression that these edits do not work as usual: no reputation is gained. I read ...
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In Help and Improvement, closing the question does not remove the edit button

Pretty easy to duplicate Find a question in the H&I queue that should be closed Open the question in a separate window and close the question Refresh the H&I page You'll see the following ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to handle a post, which only can improved by the author?

I often see posts in the Help and Improvement queue (HIQ), which only can improved by the author. How should I handle such a post? I tried "question is very low quality", but the post was back in HIQ ...
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What happens in the "Help and Improvement" queue if I vote for VLQ while I have a flag ban?

I am a relative active reviewer in the "Help and Improvement" queue. In the cases of questions I consider unfixable LQ, I click the "question is a very low quality" link. As I know, it puts the ...
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Send low-quality posts that "should be an edit to the question" to the "Help & Improvement" queue

I'll be honest, I don't spend a lot of time in the Help & Improvement review queue because it looks like a lot of the stuff that I find in there can only be fixed by the original author. Based on ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it bad to ask for code samples?

Yesterday I asked this question where I'm asking for the source code of that GIF image. However, I've got -3 votes on it. I read the rules again this morning, but I get to see what I did wrong (or ...
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Can't interact with comments while editing in H&I

I was editing in the Help and Improvement queue, and I spotted a comment I wanted to up vote. I moved my mouse into the red free-hand circle: The icons come up, but clicking does nothing. I ...
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Strange way of notifying that 20 Help and Improvements have been edited

When I edited my 20th item from the "Help and Improvement" category, the following showed up: Looks like a normal screen, except that the "Next" button is missing, despite being clearly mentioned in ...
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25 votes
2 answers

What is the status of the improvement in the 'Help and Improve' queue?

One year ago, we had a discussion about improvements in the Help & Improve Queue. One interesting Suggestion was by @davidism: What's feeding this queue needs to be improved, and this queue ...
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Update the help on the review page

I stumbled over the help near the review queues. I think it might need an updated version of the screenshots. Help improve the site Stack Overflow is moderated by you. The used screenshots: ...
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