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Why are we supposed to let incorrect answers stick around?

There has been a lot of noise recently about bad answers and people incorrectly flagging them for removal and a wave of responses saying "use your downvotes, idiot. Flags aren't for wrong answers!". ...
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Why was this 'not an answer' flag declined?

Sorry mods, another one of those "a one liner isn't enough of an explanation and I can't fit all of this in another flag" posts. So... What issues should be considered when overriding equals and ...
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Are "Your code works fine for me" answers acceptable?

I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I couldn't get any similar results through the search. 2 days ago I flagged this answer as "Not an answer", simply because it doesn't answer the question ...
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How should I flag an answer that CLEARLY doesn't even remotely relate to the question?

Some time I ago, I saw this answer: (deleted answer) Heading Blockquote This will be displayed in a monospaced font. The first four spaces will be stripped off, but all other ...
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When is it appropriate to add code to the OP's question, when the OP has supplied no code to begin with?

My personal guess... Never. And yet here(question revisions), a 70k rep user added it to the OP's question. The OP did not create this code themselves.. they created a basic ascii example of what ...
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Why was my "not an answer" flag declined as having no evidence?

I flagged this answer to What is the purpose of message queues? as "not an answer". When I went to flag another answer I was told my last flag was declined and I should review it. The result of the ...
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Should answers that do not answer a question be preserved

While searching for something, I ran into the following question: Python - Can I access the object who call me? The post has a number of answers. One of the answers reads: Due to a change in the ...
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Should posts saying "don't do what you're asking" be flagged as "not an answer"? [duplicate]

Several days ago I reviewed this answer from LQP. It was decided 50/50 as OK/Recommend for deletion by reviewers, so it was left intact. For ...
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Is a sarcastic answer, a no-answer, still an answer? [duplicate]

The original question: How to get the count of each individual's salary? I am using MySQL. There are 2 tables: table1->Emp------columns(ID,name) table2->Sal------columns(ID,sal,month) Note: ...
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Should a "related reading" answer be flagged?

I received an answer recently that I felt conflicted about. It looks like this: A very good answer [inline link] to a related question [Title of related question] [Excerpt from ...
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Deleted comments

Earlier today, I left a couple of comments on this question pointing out a couple of security problems with what this user was doing. They seem to have been deleted. Any idea why? Was it automatic?
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Are old, upvoted answers harder to get removed?

Earlier I flagged this answer as NAA, which seemed pretty straightforward to me. I read it as being some commentary relating to the question (but which doesn't answer it), followed by a separate ...
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Should an answer explaining the background that led to the problem be flagged as Not An Answer?

I saw an answer (screenshot) which contains the information needed to solve the problem stated in the question, but it is not addressing the OP's question, or trying to phrase his answer as such. It ...
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