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Good question, old version-dependent answer

How should we handle highly rated but out-dated answers to still-relevant questions? Example: How to delete a module in Android Studio (It's a good 1 year old question with 17,878 views) Android ...
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How to Warn of Serious Issues in Code Unrelated to Question?

I just came across this question and it scared me. The question itself is pretty bad, typical "where's the bug in this bunch of code?". But that's not what scared me. The code is a security disaster ...
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Why was "Stack Overflow" chosen as a name for this site?

As far I know Stack Overflow is the best site where technical/coding related discussions are taking place. Since I'm an addict to this site I wanted to know, *why this site was named as "Stack ...
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Should I accept an edit that adds information to an answer?

I found this suggested edit on that post. The edit adds a paragraph about some test that the original poster did not find necessary to include. Shall I: accept it because it may be an improvement ...
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Flag posts with security issues

How do we handle questions or answers that include code with severe security issues? Ignoring them is certainly not an option. A similar question has been asked and discussed before; as “Cupcake” ...
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What can users do about outdated locked questions?

When searching Google I came across this question. It's locked, stating 'historical significance'. That's a bit vague, and the description only references a problem with the question. Nothing in the ...
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Is a comment warning enough when dealing with potential data loss?

I suggested an edit to an answer I consider dangerous, and it was rejected with the reason This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It should have ...
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Is it OK to edit answers to show that they are obsolete, out-of-date, and deprecated? [duplicate]

My edit was rejected. I know sometimes reviews pile on without necessarily being accurate. Is that what happened here, or was my edit really that wrong? In my edit's defense: I found the deprecated ...
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How do I deal with answers that are good for experienced users but potentially dangerous for newbies?

I'm not really experienced with Git and I had a problem exactly as in this question. Note that all of the four answers mention git reset --hard which causes loss of uncommitted/unstashed changes in ...
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How to reduce answers with security issues?

I think security is a big issue on Stack Overflow. There are tons of old answers with bad advice and some with a high amount of upvotes. We already have everything we need to handle bad answers by ...
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How can I edit several messages because there are security concerns?

I would like to make a security edit (but all the answers repeat the same concern). I don't know how to proceed with the edit, and that is why I'm bringing the issue up on Meta. There is this message: ...
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What to do about an accepted answer that is exploitable?

In this question, the OP realises he has a problem with trying to store user-supplied HTML in a database and is looking for a way to sanitise it. Although the accepted answer looks valid on the ...
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