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Question does not make sense anymore since software update

I recently asked a question that basically asks "why can't I do this in TypeScript?" but since the merge of #50666 the question doesn't make sense anymore because what I ask to do can ...
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Should I re-ask a very old question?

I just searched for python numpy array decimal and the first result that Google shows is: numpy array with dtype Decimal? The answers there are 11 years old. I have the exact same question so it is ...
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What to do with an outdated question?

This meta-question is about this question I asked about four years ago. At that time, Pygame for Python 3 was still in development, and was not fully released, so it was tricky to install it. My point ...
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Asking about solutions for the "outdated answers" problem in the survey [duplicate]

I just clicked on the "Take our short survey" link at the top of SO and started to fill out the survey. Near the end of the survey, it asked me about possible solutions regarding the "...
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Speaking of Outdated answers: What to do with a closed question where all the suggestions are outdated

Take a look at C# get the name of a method that called another one [duplicate]. It was closed with 4 suggested links. The youngest of those is 8 years old. The obvious answers (accepted or highly ...
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Is there a way to Bump/Flag questions that need updated answer(s)? [duplicate]

There is this: How can I implement static methods on an interface? Not long ago, all the answers in this post were correct. However, all the answers that state 'Not possible' are incorrect. I'm not ...
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Accepting and promoting new answer to an old question

I've written new answer to very old question because old answers were using old technologies which will soon be unsupported. How can I promote it to become more popular and accepted? I read Promoting ...
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Old question with edited and not accepted answer now is the correct

C# updated to version 7.3, and now Enum types are accepted as generics. I was looking for a way to parse some Enums and found that an old question (How do I cast generic enum to int?) had the answer ...
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5 answers

Will people use Stack Overflow less often if the information found there isn't 100% accurate?

I needed to take some time to explain what I'm lately experiencing while using Stack Overflow to find possible solutions to problems I'm facing while working. It's happening more and more often that I ...
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3 answers

What is the proper way to update an answer when it is no longer valid?

This answer I wrote to my own question "How do I create a singleton service in Angular 2?" is pretty popular and still gets upvotes. I just saw another upvote and thought I'd update the answer with ...
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Should I answer a question concerning an outdated version of technology? [duplicate]

I came across a question that probably addresses an outdated version of technology (be it software tool or framework). In the recent version, the answer to the question is so obvious to find that I ...
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What can be done about C++ answers that are now obsolete?

After years in C#, I'm learning C++, and naturally I often turn to Stack Overflow to help me figure out how to do things. Many common Stack Overflow C++ questions have answers from the site's ...
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1 answer

What can I do seeing outdated question? [duplicate]

My question differ from Good question, old version-dependent answer, because in my case question is outdated too, not only an answer. I found such a question: How to center Google Map on a country by ...
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What should I do to have an updated answer to an old question? [duplicate]

There is a question I wanted to ask, and it was already asked. So I read it, but the answer is 3 years old and I don't know if it still up-to-date. So I posted a comment to know what is up, but there ...
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Code stolen by highly upvoted, outdated answer

There is a javascript question: How to prevent form from being submitted?. It has been asked more than five years ago and a lot changed since then. Basically, all the answers recommends using obsolete ...
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Let's allow the answers get elder worthily

We should make outdated answers to get forgotten form Stack Exchange Sites. TL;DR So Stack Overflow is a priceless source of information to a lot of It and tech people out there, and we wanna keep ...
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What is mean of Block-quote questions while browsing question asked by other user [duplicate]

I am just looking for question to help other issue but when I am browsing question there are some questions which are Blockquoted what does they indicate. Can anyone let me know meaning of Block-...
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How to deal with outdated answers to an old question?

The answer to this question is modifying a piece of code in an older version of NodeJS, which was working for the OP. But with the latest version of NodeJS files, the accepted answer is no longer ...
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Popular question from 2009 with obsolete answer

How to use wikipedia api if it exists? is the most frequent MediaWiki question. Asked in 2009, it has had almost 40k views so far. MediaWiki cares a lot about promoting usage of the API; in fact, ...
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How to retire outdated information?

The first downvote to my accepted answer was righteous, since the information was outdated. For context, the Requests library does in a single statement what would have taken multiple statements and ...
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What can users do about outdated locked questions?

When searching Google I came across this question. It's locked, stating 'historical significance'. That's a bit vague, and the description only references a problem with the question. Nothing in the ...
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How to set stroke or del tag inside of code tag [duplicate]

I'm not able to edit this answer The answer is a little bit outdated. AMR is no longer supported. I don't want to remove the entry but set strike around of *AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate, a format for ...
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Dealing with posts with an outdated accepted answer [duplicate]

I have come across some posts (related to Jdbc) in this forum that have answers that are outdated due to the future driver versions either changing the way things worked or phasing out(depricated) ...
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7 answers

The number one Stack Overflow question about Python IDEs is very out of date

Update One of the site moderators attempted the following experiment: to remove all previous answers and post the IDE-comparison table, and make that editable by the community. This was a good ...
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2 answers

How can I bring attention to an outdated closed question that should be deleted?

I came across a question that is closed and outdated: The API is now accessible making this question completely useless. ...
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3 answers

Promoting new answers to old questions

I was searching for some information on a topic and found the following question: Timer doesn't want to start again after it was disabled. I recently began learning about async/await from .NET 4.5 ...
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How to best deal with Swift evolving very quickly and outdating information?

With the much less restrictive NDA, developers are allowed to freely discuss Apple's new programming language Swift online including asking questions on Stack Overflow. Apple has stated that they want ...
38 votes
2 answers

How to ask an outdated question if I cannot comment?

I recently asked a question that has already been asked on SO but is outdated: Close Browser without Prompt I got down voted because it is a duplicated question. Understandable. A user informed me ...
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1 answer

Should any action be taken on questions/answers that become outdated?

E.g. in case of this question, neither the suggestions / code samples given in answers nor those in externally linked pages work any more. It's outside the scope of to discuss why that is in this ...
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