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Why would someone reject this edit? [duplicate]

This edit ended up being approved, but one of the reviewers rejected it as: This edit defaces the post in order to promote a product or service, or is deliberately destructive. Was this just a ...
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When should I edit something vs comment on it if it's a relatively trivial error? [duplicate]

If an otherwise correct and perfectly readable answer writes a simple logical mistake in their code, should I edit it to reflect the answerer's actual intent or comment on the answer, suggesting that ...
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Fixing wrong code in people's questions [duplicate]

I think editing away errors in people's question's code is not a good idea. Here is an edit I rejected. And here is what I wrote in the comments to the person who self-identified as the one who made ...
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Conventional improvements of readability are not deemed to make the code "even a little bit easier to read" [duplicate]

I suggested a few edits in a post whereby I applied the PEP 8 style guidelines to some Python code. The raison d'être of these guidelines is One of Guido's key insights is that code is read much ...
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Is it OK to edit away boilerplate getters and setters from OP's original Java (& equivalent) code? [duplicate]

Usually - maybe more experienced - Stack Overflow users remove irrelevant/boilerplate getter/setter code from example code and add a comment like // getters, setters or as I do as a Lombok user by ...
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When reviewing, is it OK to accept code edits to an answer? [duplicate]

While doing reviews for suggested edits something like this occurs frequently with comment like ... removed unused try-catch block ... I strongly feel that if an answer "needs" code editing as ...
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Answer edited after accepting [duplicate]

I came to the scenario where I have suggested an edit) to an answer after the author of question accepted the answer. But the old answer shows what to do, and I changed it with how you should do that ...
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Should I reject or approve this code edit suggestion? [duplicate]

I've already read main question on this topic, When should I make edits to code? and this one too, still I'm not sure what to do with this edit suggestion:
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Non iOS Developers rejecting Language Updates/Edit [duplicate]

I have tried many times to update Swift code as it evolves but my changes have been rejected many times by non iOS Developers. Please help.
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When should reviewers skip code edits for technologies they are not familiar with? [duplicate]

Update: The first line of the answer to this post--which this question is referenced as a possible duplicate--states: When in doubt, click 'Skip'. "Learn to love that Skip button." It also points ...
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Should I remove return 0 as noise? [duplicate]

It is quite common that questions about C has a code snippet that includes a main function that ends with return 0. You could argue that this is good practice, but I have not yet seen an example where ...
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Did I do the correct thing by significantly editing an existing answer instead of posting a new answer? [duplicate]

Edit: Based on the comments (thanks) I posted my solution as a separate answer: Original question: This Android answer has some major flaws in it, ...
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How should we respond to ridiculous edits? [duplicate]

Revision 5 of this question reintroduces an obvious typo fixed by Revision 4. How should we handle edits like this? (Obviously, this isn't a good question to begin with. I'm not trying to rescue it;...
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Minor edit of code rejected [duplicate]

I asked a question about how to implement a specific functionality in Rust and got a very good answer that solved my problem, but I wanted to improve the code in minor ways. The edit was approved by ...
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Suspended from reviews even though editors could have improved the question [duplicate]

I got the following message when reviewing: Your review on triage/25151211 wasn't helpful. "Requires Editing" should only be used when other community users (like you) are able to edit/format the ...
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