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Are mass edits removing extensive "thanks" and greeting lines from Q and A's acceptable for users with 2K Rep and more? [duplicate]

Hi guys how are you (*wink*) Salutations, greeting, "thanks", and signatures in questions and answers are discouraged by community consensus. A blog post by Jon Skeet that is linked to on the help ...
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How should one ask for clarification on a question if they can't yet comment? [duplicate]

As a new user (well new by reputation points standards), I sometimes run into limitations posed by the small amount of rep that I have, the most common being the ability to comment. According to Stack ...
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How to deal with serial tag-only edits from Sub 2k users?

I was reviewing Suggested Edits today and came across a good 10 reviews in a row with tag only edits from a single user Example Now at first I thought, okay nothing suspicious. But I quickly ...
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How can we handle troublesome contributors during the moderation strike?

Preface I support the aims of the moderation strike, but I wonder if I might add a preface as to why I haven't joined it (at least yet). For my sins, I'm the third top post editor. Curation seems now ...
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User suggesting needless edits

A particular user has been suggesting unnecessary edits for the past few days. All that user does is removing the code that was present in the question, and then pasting it back. There is absolutely ...
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Is it acceptable to bookmark user-specific searches in order to target improvements on those users? [duplicate]

As some regular readers may know, I am a fairly committed editor on Stack Overflow. One of my main edit styles is to trim chatty/fluff material, so that (a) readers do not have to wade through ...
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How should I act with continuous and intrusive changer?

I created a question: Why this Go recursion code is so Slow? (Also requires almost 10 times more memory than Python) Usually I mark names of languages as code Ruby, Go, JS, PHP, Python. I do it for ...
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Is this user being too noisy? [duplicate]

This user has a page or more of approved edits - that carry on in the proposed edit review queue-, as you may see here, which involve fixing always the same "noisy" issue: thanks found in the ...
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Moderator overriding a user's approved tag-only edits

While reviewing suggested edits, I came across a few tag-only edits by this user. The majority of them added python to questions tagged pandas that were missing the python tag. Most of them I found I ...
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Remove [nx] synonym from [nomachine-nx]

When the nx tag was split into the nrwl-nx and nomachine-nx tags, it was noted that the vast majority of the questions were NoMachine NX questions. It seems like nx is being used overwhelmingly for ...
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