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How can we handle troublesome contributors during the moderation strike?

Preface I support the aims of the moderation strike, but I wonder if I might add a preface as to why I haven't joined it (at least yet). For my sins, I'm the third top post editor. Curation seems now ...
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Post deleted after giving a good (edited) answer

I made a post to give an answer about a topic I was working on lately. Adventures in Installing a C#/WPF Application (WiX) I made a vague answer and started editing it right away after posting ...
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As 3K+, what moderation task helps most?

I'm blatantly creating a derivative work of the question As 10/20K+, what moderation task helps most?, which is a great question for the 21,943 users at that level. I, along with 58,240 other users, ...
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Is there a community (stack*) to debate about some matter?

My question is similar to that one but in this case, I´m asking for a different web/community where one can debate/rebate about any theme of a matter (preferably classifiable) with the same or similar ...
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Good job, everyone!

This is a thank you post to all the curators/moderators/custodians of this site, but also to the Stack Exchange Inc for creating such an amazing platform with such high standards of quality. If you ...
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Should the goal of Stack Overflow be defined and expressed more clearly? [duplicate]

tldr; People get misunderstood a lot on here, existing users trying to help, and new users with the overall goals of the site. New users need redirected instead of boiler plates, other sites exist for ...
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Why is this well-explained answer with 50+ upvotes deleted?

Consider this deleted answer: My answer for question Delete a file or folder is deleted by a moderator. I don't understand under which cause it comes for deleting this answer. Answers can be deleted ...
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2 answers

Should we clarify what forms of humorous commenting on Stack Overflow are allowed?

After a brief comment exchange on a comment I left that, admittedly, was meant solely as an attempt at humour (and thus did not actively contribute to the solving of the question) I realised that I ...
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The Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported

tl;dr: There is no tl;dr. If you don't wish to read the entire thing, then don't worry about it. I was hoping my month off would've cooled me off a bit or at least given me a different perspective ...
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Is it outside my bounds as a non-moderator to remind people to be civil?

I found an answer on Meta that, at the time, included the text: Don't respond to trash like that with code solutions. I commented: Just because the question was close-worthy (as evidenced by ...
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Are there different research standards for Meta than for main Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently asked a Meta question about a Stack Overflow UI that was confusing in my opinion. I was taken aback that it got 5 downvotes -- more than I've ever gotten on a Stack Overflow question. I ...
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Data science time! February 2019 and opinion with experience

Welcome to February's installment of the regular, bite-size, data-focused updates I am sharing with Meta! You can check out previous posts if you like. We just wrapped up the fielding period for the ...
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Data science time! January 2019 and views to answers

Happy New Year, all! This is the first 2019 installment of our regular, bite-size, data-focused updates for Meta. You can check out previous posts if you like. This month, let's look at how question ...
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Data science time! December 2018 and answer voting

Last month we kicked off our monthly series of regular, bite-size, data-focused updates for Meta. Thanks to all who contributed to the discussion and suggested ideas for upcoming analyses. One topic ...
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Stack Overflow Academic Research Partnership Program

January 2023 update - currently, Stack Overflow is not supporting the Academic Research Partnership Program. If you are interested in data, we encourage you to use our publically available data (...
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315 votes
22 answers

Data science time! November 2018 and CORRELATIONS

My name is Julia Silge and I'm a data scientist here at Stack Overflow. Recently, Tim Post suggested the idea of setting up regular, bite-size, data-focused updates for Meta: less content than a blog ...
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My thoughts on the SO new user experience

I guess this is being marked as a duplicate of some post asking why new users are confused about the rules. This absolutely is not about that as it's more about how the rules are administered w/o any ...
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What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?

My thoughts There's been a focus on new user retention. Which is pretty much what's been the crux of the issue since the welcoming blog all those months ago. The NetWork is concerned about new user ...
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Content, rules, and perceptions

From my experience with the site, with trying to help user moderation, and with the recent mentorship program; often, low-quality and off-topic content comes from confused users who do not understand ...
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How can I best help with Close Votes?

At the time of this posting, I am 5 reputation away from being able to view and participate in the Close Votes queue. (Please don't go and upvote one of my questions/answers just in response to this ...
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43 votes
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As 10/20K+, what moderation task helps most?

As 10K+ (actually 20K+, but that makes a rather small difference), there are several ways to help out with moderation. Close Votes Reopen Votes Low Quality Posts Suggested Edits First Posts Late ...
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