When the tag was split into the and tags, it was noted that the vast majority of the questions were NoMachine NX questions. It seems like nx is being used overwhelmingly for NoMachine NX, and not nrwl-nx.

However, of the 206 under a newest search, under 70 are true NoMachine NX questions.

There are 704 newest questions.

I'm more convinced of the need for tag to be removed. What is the process for correcting tags once synonym removed? I.e. can I just do it?

  • It would be preferable for you to wait for community consensus before proceeding with any mass-edits. Commented Dec 23, 2022 at 20:08

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Agreed. Here is my experience:

Tried to tag question [nx]. That got automatically translated to [nomachine-nx], and I didn't see any other alternatives, so I assumed it was right. (nrwl-nx doesn't show up in the first 6 tags when you type nx).

I then happened to get curious and looked a bit closer, and realised that NoMachine seems to be some completely different technology.

I still couldn't find a relevant tag, so I came here to report the issue, and then finally discovered the right tag.

Definitely nx should not be a synonym for nomachine-nx.

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