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How to make the users who put my question On Hold review it again after I reworded it? [duplicate]

I asked a question several days ago. Very shortly after that, some people put it on hold without leaving any comments. After that, I reworded it several times in order to hopefully meet the rules, but ...
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Request to reopen "how to handle c# as if it was homoiconic language?" [duplicate]

I have severely edited my post so it can meet the guidelines, how can it get reopened?
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Do edits to on hold questions by other users (not the OP) place the question in the reopen review queue? [duplicate]

The help centre about closed questions says: If a question is edited by the original poster when it is marked [on hold], it will automatically be placed in a review queue to be considered for ...
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What happens to a closed question when it is edited? [duplicate]

I wanted to modify elements in a list today, but not use a Python list comprehension because the modifications were more complex than I was comfortable coding with a list comprehension. I also did not ...
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Question is closed as not clear even though I edited precisely [duplicate]

I asked a question and people voted to close as "Unclear what you're asking". I have to admit I immediately saw why they were voting, so I made sure to add an edit with more information on the problem....
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A question of mine was closed as being opinion based. I edited it to meet this objection. What would trigger a vote to reopen it? [duplicate]

I wrote a question 8 months ago. Someone recently upvoted it (making 4 over 8 months) but the question was recently closed as being "opinion-based". I will agree that my title might have led someone ...
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How to remove "on hold" mark after editing? [duplicate]

I asked How to retrieve outliers from ceres solver result?. It was short but, in my opinion, it was clear. However, it was put on hold as unclear. I've done some editing to clarify, added a comment ...
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Appeal question which is onhold? [duplicate]

What is the correct process to follow to appeal a question which is on hold after the question has been edited? The reason I ask is I have edited a question and this edit was approved however the ...
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Should I flag a question which has been incorrectly marked duplicate? [duplicate]

Suppose I have made an edit explaining why my question is different, should I flag it for moderator attention? And if it is indeed not duplicate and is re-opened, is my flag refunded or is it gone?
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Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue! [closed]

A short time ago, we introduced the new triage queue - a place where users can quickly sort questions into various categories, where one of those categories is 'needs improvement'. Until now, we've ...
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Thought experiment: What would happen if we didn't have close votes?

After reading "My Love-Hate Relationship with Stack Overflow: Arthur S., Arthur T., and the Soup Nazi" one of our developers wondered what would happen if we didn't have close votes. ...
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Now that the Edit Question button for closed questions is more prominent, it's time to stop non-OP edits from submitting to the reopen queue

The closed question notice was recently changed to display an "Edit question" button prominently in the lower left hand corner (in addition to the text link in the body of the message): ...
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A proposal to reduce the number of closed questions needing reopen review

It seems that any user can edit a closed question. If a user doesn't have the rep then such an edit triggers possibly two reviews, an edit review and then, assuming the edit is approved, a reopen ...
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Stop automatically sending edited questions to the reopen queue [duplicate]

I understand that when a question is edited, it is (according to some rules) automatically sent to the reopen queue. I suggest replacing this with doing it manually. Have some button that says "...
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We should clean up posts that should be improved but haven't been and won't be

It's been about 5 months since we started testing Triage. There've been a fair number of hiccups, and there's still plenty of work to be done refining the criteria, but at this point I think the ...
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