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Used for questions related to notices that are shown on posts.

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What does 'Notice added' mean in the edit history of a question?

While going through the edit history of a question, I came across the following messages in the history: Notice added Reward existing answer by USER Notice removed Reward existing answer by USER ...
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The case of the excessive space in burnination banners

Burnination notices have gotten some excessive spacing at the top and bottom: This has also applied retroactively to completion banners: I have not checked the featured burnination notice, but I ...
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34 votes
2 answers

The case of the missing space in migration banners

The migration banner has lost the space between its sentences: This happens in both sides, on the target site (as shown above) and on the original site: Please put the space back! Technically ...
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20 votes
0 answers

Feature request: "Post notice" suggesting to accept an answer

In line with the abandoned rule proposal, I suggest the implementation of a "Post Notice" question banner in the style of the "Close Vote" banner, visible only to question authors, ...
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Duplication notice doesn't contain the duplicated question [duplicate]

Question in question: Specifying thickness of lines in graphviz
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Inconsistent date rounding

In some contexts in the site, a date is shown as "happened x <time units> ago". For example on post notices for closing or deleting. Today I encountered a weird inconsistency in this ...
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1 answer

Post deletion banner lists incorrect users

When a post was deleted via review and then later undeleted and deleted again, the deletion banner lists the users who took part in the original review rather than whoever deleted it afterwards. While ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Users listed on answer deletion notice are not in the order of delete-vote time

When a question is closed, the post notice always lists the users who voted to close in ascending order of the time of their close-vote. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the same happens when a question is ...
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Close vote queue, flagged as showing "subreason.InputTitle" [closed]

I was doing some reviews in the Close votes queue and noticed that the UI had changed, with the Actions now to the right as a radio combination rather than buttons, all fine and good. However, the ...
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Post notice shows who voted to close a question... unless it was my question?

Because I have the cast close and reopen votes privilege, I can see who voted to close any question on the post notice. Well, I just had this question of mine closed (I even was one of the close-...
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7 votes
1 answer

"This question already has answers here" vs "This question already exists"

I was browsing around Meta and I found two types of "duplicate banners": This question already has answers here: and This question already exists: Is there a difference? When should one be ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Strange, confusing wording on closed questions in Meta [duplicate]

I've just realized that in Meta, this part of the wording for improving closed questions is confusing on Meta: Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. ...
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110 votes
2 answers

Again, stop users from repeating their closed question

I will repeat myself again1 as a feature request because it's very annoying to see that the effort we are doing is completely useless. You close a question as duplicate The user doesn't even bother ...
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41 votes
2 answers

Link text does not reflect page that is the destination of the link

The following notice shows at the top of a question that has been closed due to lack of Debugging details. This question needs debugging details. should be changed to This question is closed. to ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Completed burninate request post notice still uses old name of tag blocking feature

Earlier this month, the feature previously known as blacklisted tags was renamed by Stack Exchange to blocked tags. However, the "Completed Burninate Request" post notice (which seems to ...
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Why do we need "Edit question" button while we have already another same one? [duplicate]

They have different styles but they redirect to the same page. So, why do we need both of them in the same post? If the first one is used to catch the eye of viewers and recommend them to edit the ...
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122 votes
6 answers

Now that the Edit Question button for closed questions is more prominent, it's time to stop non-OP edits from submitting to the reopen queue

The closed question notice was recently changed to display an "Edit question" button prominently in the lower left hand corner (in addition to the text link in the body of the message): ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Why am I invited to edit a question I have closed as duplicate?

Here is the banner I am getting: The link will open a new tab to edit the question. I don't think I need this.
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21 votes
1 answer

Inconsistency on deleted posts notices

Despite the fact that this question has been deleted by a mod, its following answer is marked as 'deleted by the author': The author profile shows that the author has not been active since 11/2018 ...
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1 answer

Questions closed as "other" still get described as "off-topic" in the post notice

Despite the happy burial of the term "off-topic" as a closing reason as recently announced, I have just stumbled upon a question just closed as, well, off-topic: For what it may worth, the question ...
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Why doesn't the system prevent repeating the exact same question?

Here is one example among many I face regularly1: Decrease opacity of images which are not highlighted (2) As we can clearly see, the OP is repeating the same question because the duplicate wasn't ...
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3 votes
0 answers

If my own question is closed as a dup, I cannot see the link to the dup [duplicate]

I accepted a suggested dup for my own question, and now I see: But where is the duplicate? As an experienced user, I know to scroll down to the Linked section in the right-hand column, but to the ...
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-13 votes
1 answer

Wording on "highly active question" message is awkward

Is this where bug reports are delivered? The grammatical structure of the sentence containing the highlight seems awkward. Highly active question. Earn 10 reputation in order to answer this ...
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21 votes
1 answer

This question already exists: ...?

I think most of us already noticed the issue in the latest questions on meta where the duplicate banner is missing the duplicate target: The thin expanding blue line Do our own accepted answers to ...
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75 votes
1 answer

“You can edit the question or post a new one”

What you read in the title is the advice that is given in the post notice when a question gets closed as off-topic. You might be aware that these post notices got an overhaul 6 to 8 weeks ago. This ...
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1 answer

There's a blue vertical line in the notice banner

Blue vertical line has just appeared in the bounty notice banner. Is this by-design or a bug?
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2 answers

Tried to close question, got "duplicate" in title but not actually closed

The question Bash loop thru file takes only first line displays with the suffix "[duplicate]" in the title for me, but I did not actually manage to close the question. Dharman reports a similar ...
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2 answers

What close reason was used to close this question?

I am confused. Earlier I could easily determine the reasons, but looking at this question (timeline) I am not able to figure it out. Which of those below off-topic reasons it was? I am curious ...
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