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Is it ok to ask to upvote/accept my own answers? [duplicate]

I am not doing that. This is something I saw some people doing. Case 1: A relatively high rep (3k+, as I remember) users asks a question. Another relatively high rep user X provides an answer. The ...
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Are we allowed to ask/remind the OP to accept answers? [duplicate]

I've started to see this happen quite often of late. And this is usually done by users whose rep ranges between 200 to 2k reputation. I came across this again today and wondered if we are allowed to ...
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Who keeps deleting my comment? [duplicate]

I just gave an answer to this post. The answer is helpful and I have received two upvotes. OP commented that my answer is helpful but they didn't accept my answer. Thus I have commented below my ...
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How to deal with new users that don't accept answers for their questions? [duplicate]

Here's the subject of my question. This is a newish user that I answered a question for a little while ago. His response was "thanks it works for me now", to which I advised him that he could mark ...
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Can I ask someone to accept my answer to a question on hold if they found it useful? [duplicate]

I answered a question that was later put on hold due to asking for a recommendation, but despite being the only answer currently there, and (in my opinion) being a suitable answer to the question ...
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Is it okay to request a newbie user to accept and upvote? [duplicate]

There are multiple questions related to this case - here and here. Some of them suggests that it is okay to comment with the SO link. But, I have my doubts due to the following reasons. Today, I ...
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User wrote a thank you comment instead of upvoting/accepting an answer. What should I do? [duplicate]

It often happens that I spend a lot of time writing high-quality, working answers, to which I expect reputation increase. Some OPs, instead of accepting the answer or upvoting it, write a thanks, it ...
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I Answered A Question For Nothing! [duplicate]

I once answered a question, and it appeared second in the list of answers. The answer is a good one, because I provided a M.C.V.E. and it's fairly straightforward. But the asker of the question ...
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Reputation to Accept Answer [duplicate]

In this question, the asker (a new user) said in a comment: Because I am knew to stack overflow, I am unable to upvote or mark your answer as correct, unfortunately. He had 11 rep at the time. It ...
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What to do if the asker of a question doesn’t accept a correct answer [duplicate]

This is something that has happened to me multiple times. Here’s what’s been going on I find a question that hasn’t been active for some time, say a few months I post a high quality answer that ...
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Is it a ok to request a checkmark from the OP? [duplicate]

I made an answer to this question: SwingWorker ProgressBar and it was the only answer (and it solved the problem) to the question. But years have passed and the asker hasn't given me credit for the ...
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How to get a response marked as answered when the question author has low reputation score [duplicate]

I answered this question a while back and the poster agreed it should be marked as the answer, but they have too low a reputation score to mark it. Is there some way to get it marked as the answer by ...
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What to do if other users are not accepting the answer? [duplicate]

For many questions, I posted the answers. One person said that this was correct and this solved the issue, but they are not accepting the answer. Still they are saying that this helped me in comments. ...
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How to deal with people that don't accept answers? [duplicate]

Lately I noticed the following on SO: Users ask questions and disappear (question isn't accepted) Users who never accept an answer or never post the solution (if they found it on their own) How can ...
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Some SO users neither accept answers nor give any response [duplicate]

As you can see my profile for Stack Overflow, many of my answers have not been accepted, and in some cases, there has been no reply from the OP. So what should we consider in such cases? Should ...
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