What action should I take if I come across non-English content? Does the amount of non-English content make any difference?

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We require English on Stack Overflow. See this list for Stack Overflow sites in languages other than English.

  • Questions written in non-English should be closed/flagged as "Needs more details or clarity," or close voters can use the following custom close reason: "I'm voting to close this question because it is not English."

  • Answers written in non-English should be flagged as very low quality, although not an answer will also work.

  • Comments written in non-English should be flagged as no longer needed.

  • Variables and the like can be written in any language. A code snippet containing non-English variables that can easily be followed does not require flagging or editing.

Non-English posts should normally not be translated into English by anyone other than the original poster (OP), unless there is indication in the OP's statements that they actually can speak English. The OP needs to be able to respond to feedback provided in English (by comments, answers, or Help Center content). Translating a post of a non-English speaker sets up the OP, and anyone participating on the post, for a poor experience, due to the OP not being able to follow and respond to comments, understand answers, or get assistance from the Help Center.

It is not recommended to raise a custom flag to ask a ♦ moderator to migrate these questions to other sites. The odds that migration will happen are extremely low and such flags are usually declined, since Stack Overflow moderators will not be able to read and evaluate the quality of the question to determine whether it is suitable for migration. If you want to suggest that the asker delete and repost their question on another site, you may do so in a comment.


Stack Overflow requires content to be in English.

There are also other non-English versions of Stack Overflow that have dedicated sites:

Moderator note: Moderators generally will not migrate to a specific language SO. The reason is we can't evaluate if the question is of sufficient quality. Flags requesting migration are likely to be declined.

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