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How to take action against low quality non-English content? [duplicate]

Before you close as a duplicate, yes I have read How do I deal with non-English content and posts, which have not answered my question. Context I stumbled upon a Spanish question today, in which I ...
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The easily accessible information on how to help non-English speakers use Stack Overflow is outdated [duplicate]

According to this official blog post. The policy for when a user asks a non-English question is as follows: Users who post non-English questions should be gently directed to programming forums in ...
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Why is this NAA flag declined? [duplicate]

I reviewed this answer, which was written in Non-English language originally, but translated into English by a different user. I flagged it as "Not an Answer" per meta guidelines. Last time I ...
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Appropriate flag for a non English answer (or question) [duplicate]

Which flag should I use for a non English post in reviews? Example here
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Should I edit a question's code to translate non-English words? [duplicate]

I recently bumped into this question and I saw that the user has Spanish names for variables and etc. like that: var textbuscar = document.getElementById("buscar"); Being non-English speaker I still ...
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How to flag non-English answers [duplicate]

I know and understand that there are many people that know more than one language. But I found this answer, and it is in Spanish. I know Spanish, and it's a good answer, but it is in the wrong ...
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How does Stack Overflow avoid questions that are not in English? [duplicate]

I've listened to every Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange podcast that I can recall, and I'm aware that there was a conscious decision to make Stack Overflow (at least initially) an ...
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Non-English question mis-flagged during review - suggestions for improvement? [duplicate]

I recently reviewed this question and I voted to close it because it is not written in English. As an option "not in English" is not available, I chose a different one: The post is probably not "rude ...
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Migrate to Stack Overflow Portuguese [duplicate]

I just found this Portuguese question on Stack Overflow (now migrated to PTSO). Probably more will follow. Should we have a new migration option in the off-topic close reasons to migrate such ...
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Add cross-(natural)language migration paths [duplicate]

Sometimes a question is asked in non-English, but still on the topic of programming (example). Such questions attract downvotes, which are most likely due to "can't read/understand" reason. In such a ...
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Migration to Portugese site not offered / no close reason not English language [duplicate]

This question would need migration to pt.stackoverflow. The options for migration currently offer only English sites .. is in another language. There is no specific close reason for it. Suggestion 1:...
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"Closing as off-topic" Update for Wrong Language [duplicate]

The "Close" dialog would benefit from options to redirect people to the appropriately localized Stack Overflow site. There's several now and yet with regularity there's Russian, Spanish and Portguese ...
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Translating posts in edits [duplicate]

I was going through the suggested edit review queue and came across this review which translates the post to English. I've skipped it because I have no way of validating the edit (I don't understand ...
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♦-intervention flags for migrating OK-looking foreign language questions posted here [duplicate]

Today I encountered two foreign-language questions, both of them looking acceptable, but are posted in this English-language site rather than their respective foreign-language StackOverflow sites. ...
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How to deal with non-English posts? [duplicate]

I recently came across a first post review written in Spanish only. I'm a native Spanish speaker and answer looks ok. I want to flag it, but I am not sure if it "require moderator attention".
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