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Why is this NAA flag declined? [duplicate]

I reviewed this answer, which was written in Non-English language originally, but translated into English by a different user. I flagged it as "Not an Answer" per meta guidelines. Last time I ...
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Should I edit a question's code to translate non-English words? [duplicate]

I recently bumped into this question and I saw that the user has Spanish names for variables and etc. like that: var textbuscar = document.getElementById("buscar"); Being non-English speaker I still ...
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How does Stack Overflow avoid questions that are not in English? [duplicate]

I've listened to every Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange podcast that I can recall, and I'm aware that there was a conscious decision to make Stack Overflow (at least initially) an ...
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Add cross-(natural)language migration paths [duplicate]

Sometimes a question is asked in non-English, but still on the topic of programming (example). Such questions attract downvotes, which are most likely due to "can't read/understand" reason. In such a ...
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Translating posts in edits [duplicate]

I was going through the suggested edit review queue and came across this review which translates the post to English. I've skipped it because I have no way of validating the edit (I don't understand ...
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♦-intervention flags for migrating OK-looking foreign language questions posted here [duplicate]

Today I encountered two foreign-language questions, both of them looking acceptable, but are posted in this English-language site rather than their respective foreign-language StackOverflow sites. ...
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How to deal with non-English posts? [duplicate]

I recently came across a first post review written in Spanish only. I'm a native Spanish speaker and answer looks ok. I want to flag it, but I am not sure if it "require moderator attention".
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Is downvoting question purely written in foreign language acceptable [duplicate]

I concern to this question written in pure russian and which probably is going to be removed in a few seconds. I think downvoting is not appropriate here as we simply do not know any of the OPs ...
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Does Stack Overflow follow multiple languages? [duplicate]

I'm asking this question just out of curiosity. Recently I found a question Como modificar la barra de -webkit-scrollbar-thumb and it's not written in English... Is it a valid question? Does ...
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how should I report question or answer posted using different language? [duplicate]

In my review queue I have got this answer, I can't tell which language the answer is but definitely not English, in that case how can I flag or report this?
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"Requires editing" wrong for a foreign language? [duplicate]

I reviewed this: with verdict "Requires editing", since it looked like a real question which could be ok if someone (EDIT: perhaps the OP himself) ...
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What's the best way to flag a comment that's not in English? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this comment: I selected "Something else." and typed "It's not in English." Is this the correct way to flag a comment like this? Is there a better way? Something that worries me ...
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Should we add as a reason for flagging stating the answer in a wrong language? [duplicate]

Sometimes I see on answers that are written in a different language than the language of the site (let's say it's an answer in Portuguese in the English version). The answers may be correct, but the ...
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Confusion about non-English posts [duplicate]

I have a confusion about the non-English questions on Stack Overflow and really do not know how to handle them in review queues. I know the intention is to flag them, but it is still confusing. ...
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Why were my 'wrong language' flags declined? [duplicate]

I've been reviewing my flags in Flags raised section and found out that I keep getting rejected when flagging the question for the wrong language. You can see from the image above that the questions ...
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