This just happened:

Go: handle Gorilla mux empty variable

When I voted to close for duplication, @SvenGrosen had already cast a vote and hence I got the link suggested in the "duplicated thread selection" view. After casting my vote I still only see 1 vote-to-close.

Clarification: when I clicked on "close", I saw 0 votes cast. After submitting my own vote I see 1. Yet I did get auto-complete when submitting and @SvenGrosen confirms he had also voted.

Maybe there was a change? Maybe it's a feature? Maybe a bug.

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Sven Grosen does not yet have enough reputation to vote to close, they can only flag the post for closure. You need 3000 points for the close vote privilege.

As such they never cast a closure vote. Flagging instead brings the post to the Close Review queue, and flagging as a duplicate does add the automatic comment.

  • Makes sense. He actually said "flagged" and I assumed he meant "voted to close", silly me.
    – thwd
    Oct 3, 2014 at 15:52

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