I just came across this question and voted to close it as it is an exact duplicate of a question the same user had asked a day earlier. (This was the fourth close vote)

However, the original question from the day before doesn't have any answers (and therefore no accepted or upvoted answer either). Let's forget about the fact that the question isn't good as it is - hence all the downvotes - and needs clarification and a sign of an attempt being made and so on...

This made me wonder a bit because I'm pretty sure that SO doesn't let you close questions as duplicates of other questions that don't have an upvoted or accepted answer. In fact, I even saw this error message sometime in the course of last week when trying to close another question.

Now, how is it possible that this question did get closed as a duplicate? Does the system make an exception if it's a question by the same user? And if this is the case, why doesn't the duplicate question just get auto-deleted instead of just closed? - especially in this case where the duplicate is really just the same user asking the exact question two days in a row because the first attempt was downvoted and not answered.


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Yes, there is an exception to the "must have an answer" rule for dupe candidates if the target was asked by the same user.

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