For questions regarding the site management tools available to ♦ moderators for moderator tasks such as user account management and post or comment management. Moderators have a diamond ♦ next to their names. Not to be confused with the privilege available to regular users. Use the [10k-tools] tag for that.

Not to be confused with the privilege available to regular users. Use for that.

Moderator tools are site management tools available to diamond ♦ moderators to perform actions that are not available to non-moderator users. These tasks include user account management (e.g. suspending or deleting users) and content management such as deleting posts (questions and/or answers) or comments.

Some tools moderators have:

  • Merge Tags
  • Delete/Destroy users
  • Cast a binding vote (rude or abusive/spam flags, close votes, reopen votes, delete votes)
  • Delete any post and comment.
  • Use moderator only (red) tags on meta.
  • Redact revisions to remove PII
  • Lock posts
  • Annotate users
  • Suspend users
  • High-priority access to the CM team
  • Send private messages
  • View account PII

There are also moderators in chat.

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Moderators are elected democratically by the community. Candidates present themselves to the community with a posted platform and the community has the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates before the actual election.

Moderators are indicated with a diamond ♦ near their name.