Questions specifically about the Stack Overflow for Teams product are OFF-TOPIC here on Meta Stack Overflow, EXCEPT for general questions about the relationship between Teams and the public site. Instead, use the dedicated web portal to open a support ticket:

Stack Overflow for Teams (formerly known as "Channels") is a private Stack Overflow-style Q&A site for organizations. It allows them to use the Stack Overflow format and infrastructure (plus some extra add-ons) within a closed community.

Questions about the Stack Overflow for Teams product are off-topic for Meta Stack Overflow and should be closed. This includes bug reports, feature requests, customer support, pre-sales inquiries, etc.

All questions related to Stack Overflow for Teams should be directed to the dedicated web portal, where you can open a support ticket and receive priority support from Stack Overflow staff.

The only exception is if you are asking a general question about the relationship/interaction between the Stack Overflow for Teams product and the public site. It is acceptable to ask such questions here on Meta Stack Overflow.

The Stacks design system provides very specific instructions on how to refer to the various tiers of the Stack Overflow for Teams product (e.g., "Business").


NOTE: The current, shipping Stack Overflow for Teams product should not be confused with the first attempt at Teams, which used the same name but has now been unshipped. (Questions about this first attempt are tagged separately as .)