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Use for questions about why a specific post or comment flag was declined. It is best to include a link to the post whose flag was declined, as well as the reason for flagging the post/comment.

Flags are used to request the attention of a moderator to a post or comment, however it is up to a moderator to determine if the flagged content breaks some rule or norm. If the moderator handling the flag decides the flagged content does not break a rule or norm, the moderator may decline the flag.

The system does have a check on the number of recent flags that have been declined and too many declined flags can result in a temporary ban on flags. See Attention: some of your recent flags have been declined as well as Too many declined flags to flag post.

The tag is used for a question about one or more declined flags asking for clarification on why the flag was declined. The post should include links to the post that was flagged along with an explanation as to why it was flagged.

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