Stack Snippets are runnable code sandboxes of the front-end languages HTML, CSS, and JS for use within a Stack Exchange post. Use this tag for bug reports, feature requests, and discussions explicitly relevant to these snippets and their underlying technologies.

Stack Snippets were introduced on August 25, 2014 via a Meta Stack Overflow post. They are an onsite alternative to external sources like JSFiddle and are meant to encourage users to provide a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example of HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript code along with pertinent questions.

Currently, only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are supported, but at least one developer is thinking about sometime supporting more. Apparently, the decision to use an in-house solution for runnable snippets was made to allow for expansion into other areas as directed by the community.

Security is a major concern, and one measure that has been taken to combat potentially malicious snippets is the location of the hosting for the snippets: they are hosted on an external domain to prevent malicious snippets from modifying the page or account of the user running the code. However, the Stack Exchange development team is still looking for possible workarounds and other security concerns.

Stack Snippets can be tested in the Sandbox.