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For posts about various bots operating on Stack Overflow, as well as about the rules surrounding their development and usage. Don't use for posts about the Community bot, use [community-user] instead. Don't use for posts about the Not A Robot badge too, use [not-a-robot] instead.

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3 answers

Is someone botting API key removal suggested edits?

I've been on the Suggested Edits review queue for the past few days, and I keep seeing this exact same edit summary word-for-word: I've removed the API key from the post for security and privacy ...
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1 answer

How are "botted (i.e. using bots)" inappropriate conducts handled by moderators?

First of all, this is a hypothetical situation, which I thought of the other day. We now have chat rooms (one, in which I chat frequently) that use some sort of bots to relay messages between the room ...
28 votes
1 answer

Community replaced with - why?

I just had a bunch of edits by Community popping up in my inbox which replaced with What is the reason for that? Are the former ones ...
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1 answer

Can community bot upvote posts?

So, The community bot has the I Wish to Subscribe hat. The description says Upvote 3 questions with the [feature-request] tag on Meta Stack Exchange Does this mean the bot upvoted some posts? ...
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100 votes
3 answers

Should we allow bots that repost answers from other sources?

One of my more active tags is blueprism, a tag that caters to on-topic issues regarding the robotic process automation (RPA) platform of the same name. In recent months, it's apparent the company ...
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Auto-correct bot for common errors [duplicate]

Wikipedia uses bots to do some of the edits and also to correct errors. I wonder if we can have a similar system and rely on bots here to correct common errors? Then instead of editing posts manually, ...
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Did you ever train an AI to be a moderator?

Stack Overflow has over 18 million questions not counting the deleted ones. All in all there are 100s of millions of recorded actions of the site (asking, answering, voting, closing, reopening, ...
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Sitemap returns HTTP 404 [duplicate]

I noticed earlier that the sitemap.xml linked in the robots.txt returns HTTP 404. On no sitemap is linked and on other Stack Exchange sites it's 404 again.
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