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Usage Guidance

Use it with questions on various aspects of operating bots on Stack Overflow, such a the rules surrounding their development, testing, usage, and conduct guidelines.

Do not use it for questions regarding the Community bot, use instead.

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The community at large operates various bots that help with curation, moderation, or chatting on Stack Overflow.

One of the most well-known user-run organizations developing bots is SOBotics, responsible for many bots that automate some curation tasks such as:

  • Belisarius (vandalism detection)
  • Generic Bot (general moderation and chat antifreeze)
  • Natty (making 10K tools accessible for all users)
  • SpotDetector (bad review detection (FP/LA queues))

Charcoal also operates several well-known bots:

  • SmokeDetector (spam detection)