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How can I remove the sticky taskbar at the top, to return to the old taskbar behavior? [duplicate]

I just refreshed my screen and found a giant sticky task bar at the top of my screen. Is there a way to remove this, so that it will disappear as a I scroll down. I prefer not to see it most of the ...
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How do I disable the new nav or at least stick it to top? [duplicate]

I just refreshed Stack Overflow, and it's all broken. About 8% of my viewport is occupied by a totally useless white panel that moves even when I scroll down haunting me as I browse the site. It's ...
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Top Navigation Update

Update: The new top navigation is now live. Please continue to post feature requests and bug reports as new posts and tag top-bar. We’ve opened up the new Top Nav to our power users for testing and ...
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Help test the new Top Nav: phase 3 testing runs this week

We’ve completed two rounds of A/B tests and we’re ready for phase 3, a final round of testing before we release the new site wide navigation to all users on Stack Overflow (English) and MSO. If you’d ...
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How to go back to the old top bar?

How can I change the theme of the site back to the normal black bar and all of the rest? It just changed right now without any warning and I want it back. Currently, it looks like this: How it used ...
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Unstick new navigation bar

Would it be possible to make the stickiness of the new navbar configurable? I understand that some people like to have the bar fixed on their viewport, but a) I don't, and b) now that the bar is ...
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Has the top bar redesign met its goals?

Back in November 2016, the first announcement of the new top bar was posted. Since then, there have been a few rounds of testing, before it was officially released on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack ...
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Why is sticky-navigation back?

I noticed since last night (PST) that the much-maligned fixed/sticky header from 2017 has come back. There was a setting to control it, but unfortunately my SO settings page doesn't have the checkbox ...
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Make new top bar smaller

The new top bar is great, but I feel it is too tall. As far as I can tell it is currently 60 px in height, and it could easily do with 10 px less of white space. Also, it's odd that this old related ...
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Stats on the top bar's stickiness

When the new top bar was introduced, there was quite a bit of controversy regarding the bar's stickiness. Many users liked the design, while many were strongly opposed to it. This issue was resolved ...
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What is the purpose of the top bar update?

I want to know what added functionality was this intended to add? I'm trying to understand why the change was needed in the first place.
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Get new navbar icons back on the left again?

I feel like I am just so used to the inbox/etc icons being on the left. As if somehow I "memorized" them being on the left all the time, so any change just makes them look a bit "weird" to me. Could ...
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How to remove the sticky nav bar at the top in the redesigned SO using stylish?

I'm trying to get rid of the new sticky nav bar using stylish but I haven't been successful so far. Can someone tell me how to do it? Unlike Unstick new navigation bar this is not a feature request. ...
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It will be better if Navigationbar on Stackoverflow will be sticky [duplicate]

When we are moving down a page, we can not notice, if there is any notification, if the navigation at the top will be sticky , It will be really helpful. Is there any possibilities, we can see this in ...
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What time is it? It's time for another question about the new navbar! (compromise edition)

I'm okay with the new nav bar. Even if he's a little fat. I'm also okay with the sticky (get your mind out of the gutter). But these two don't go together like chocolate and peanut butter. The nav ...
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