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Why can't we edit questions that we deleted? [duplicate]

We can edit questions others have deleted, but it would be helpful to be able to edit questions while they are deleted. This could be useful for redeeming questions while they are deleted so we don't ...
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Why can't I edit my own self-deleted question? [duplicate]

I made a mistake when I asked a question, so I quickly deleted it, intending to edit it, then undelete it so it could be answered correctly. However, when I went to edit it, I found that I could not. ...
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Broken workflow: Undelete before edit [duplicate]

I have deleted a question of mine because I thought the information given is not complete enough. Now I was trying to edit the question to make it better, but it says: You cannot edit your own ...
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Is it possible to allow edits on self-deleted posts by high rep users? [duplicate]

I posted a question with a very detailed example. After it was created, I realised that while the question was valid, it was not what I wanted and substantial edits had to be made. To not waste ...
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What to do after accidentally submitting partial question

I was composing my question but I accidentally Tabbed to "Post Your Question" and pressed Space. I went to edit my question to write the rest of it, but by the time I was done someone already ...
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View instead of edit on Meta

Fact As discussed in Why are suggested edits not allowed Meta Stack Overflow?, you cannot edit Meta-SO posts without 2000 rep on SO. Problem I want/need to learn some markup like <kbd> and <...
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Incorrectly tagged by a reviewer. After deleting, can I repost the question?

I posted the question How to enable the copy paste where it has been disabled using JavaScript which was actually tagged with google-chrome-extension. However, a reviewer incorrectly removed this tag ...
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Can one edit a deleted post?

I posted a question (link is valid only to 10krep user) on meta yesterday but couple of hour later I deleted it - I was not sure my idea was described well and wanted to collect more data before re-...
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Hide my own post to correct it later [duplicate]

I have written some misleading post, but solution to correct it took some time and effort. Only way to hide the post from public view is to delete it and later recreate. It would be nice to have a ...
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On deleted questions it is not clear if you're meant to edit or ask a new question

To be clear, I am not asking about what to do when I see "This question already has answers here", I'm saying that the message you get when editing a closed deleted question seems to ...
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Can't view deleted question anymore, nor my comments on that question

This question was asked about 1 or 2 hours ago. He received a bunch of comments asking for more info, also from me. Now (s)he deleted his question and asked again. Considering that this user only has ...
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Misleading instructions for Closed question [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow question was closed with the following message: I chose the second option, "post a new one", and invested serious time and effort to improve the clarity of my question ...
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Suggest new tag accidentally submits question

A new question, I typed in the title, then went down to set the tags. I.e. the normal routine to see if there was a similar question that I'd missed. The "golden-layout" tag hadn't been created, so I ...
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Add a quick confirmation message when posting questions [duplicate]

This question was recently asked. To summarize it, someone accidentally posted their question before writing their full question. As unlikely as it may sound at first, it isn't too hard to do if you ...
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