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How to get cleanup badge [duplicate]

The description says First rollback. That's all the information in the site. Can somebody give an example about what is Cleanup badge, and how to get it?
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Can't rollback my own edit with > 2K reputation [duplicate]

I have more than 2K rep, did some code cleanup on an answer, then realized I wasn't happy with the answer for other reasons. Want to rollback changes I made until I can investigate further. For my ...
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How to rollback an edit [duplicate]

I made a mistake retagging a question. I had multiple tabs open and accidentally applied the wrong tags to this question. I noticed this but it was too late; I had already submitted the suggestion. ...
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Undo a roll-back [duplicate]

I there any way to undo an edit roll back made by another user? This post author undid a valid edit, and now the post is meaningless.
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A person suggested horrible edits to an old question of mine and it got accepted [duplicate]

A few hours ago, somebody suggested edits to a question a posted in 2010. He removed parts of the original question so it doesn't make sense any longer, and he removed all code formatting. The most ...
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Why can't I rollback? [duplicate]

I don't have 2000 rep, so my edits need to be approved. But why am I not allowed to trigger a rollback? I wanted to rollback revision 3 of this answer to revision 2 since the removed link specifies ...
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Should the reputation that is required for making a rollback to improve dealing with vandalism be changed?

I recently flagged this post (screenshot as it is now deleted) for moderator attention, which had been obviously vandalized by the asker himself. Given that I am below the threshold of 2000 reputation,...
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Post with "confidential information" repeatedly vandalized

A post by a 5k user about a simple shell script syntax problem was asked and rapidly answered and closed as a duplicate in October. Now, several months later, this user is replacing the question text ...
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Should I raise a moderator flag or edit directly if I don't have enough reputation to rollback a post?

I came across this question yesterday, where the OP deleted the relevant code after he/she gets the answer. I flagged the post for moderator attention, but this morning I found that my flag has been ...
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What's the best way to notify mods of answer sabotage?

I recently noticed a series of answers by the same user receiving what I'd call self-sabotage. That is, code was made to subtly fail or be incorrect or the entire meaning of the answer changed (e.g. "...
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Should we roll back defaced deleted questions? I'd prefer to have questions maintain non-defaced state, even if they're deleted....
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Leave comment when rolling back an edit?

I recently rolled back this edit because the editor "fixed" OP's original code by adding braces around several statements of a Java if statement. It was the lack of braces that was causing OP's ...
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What the heck is this user doing with his question?

Structure pointer operator Edit History: Part of me thinks that he is trying to deface his own question because his tutor found out he was using ...
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Make Rollbacks more intuitive for <2k

zcoop98 answered 'How do you rollback?' a few minutes ago with an answer that shows how <2k rep users can suggest an edit. To quote that answer: Using the "Rev" dropdown, simply select ...
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How much follow up is normal for a question? [duplicate]

In response to this. The original question was "where is this dataset?" and the follow up question is "Find compatible versions of Seaborn and Matplotlib." As a newer user, what is a rollback? When ...
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