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Should I use code blocks when mentioning framework names/technologies? [duplicate]

It can be really annoying when a post gets bloated with unnecessary formatting and I certainly want to avoid this. However, I'm not sure about the practice when it comes to framework names or various ...
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Is this an appropriate edit? Placing all technical term in code tags [duplicate] My post was edited to place all technical terms such as "port 31503" and "IIS" in code tags - that doesn't seem right to me!
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What is the correct way to handle edits where a user highlighted "names" [duplicate]

So I came across this post (edit approval) and I noticed that it had been edited in such a way that many words (apparently names/key-words) became highlighted. Like: Android Android Studio SmartGit ...
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Should this edit that put code formatting around controls and languages have been approved? [duplicate]

When I was reviewing suggested edits lately, I come across a user who put code formatting around every language and control that is mentioned in a post. They also added white-spaces after lots of the ...
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Why is this kind of code formatting not acceptable in Suggested Edit review? [duplicate]

I was recently suspended from the Suggested edits review queue. There were several "incorrectly handled" reviews that I understood that should be acceptable, but it turns out that it wasn't. ...
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Trend to format keywords / product names as inline code [duplicate]

My question is somewhat related to "When should code formatting be used for non-code text?". When reviewing I have noticed the trend to edits that only format regular keywords or product names as ...
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Am I the only one seeing the '90s retro theme, with the unicorns and sparkles? [duplicate]

I am seeing a distinctly different Stack Overflow: The site now has a '90s "Geocities" feel, complete with unicorns, sparkle trails, gaudy backgrounds, and <marquee> tags. This is happening to ...
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Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments

Throughout this year, we’ve published several posts about different aspects of the Staging Ground. This post will focus specifically on canned comments that Reviewers can provide on the question. We ...
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Why is there no line numbering in code sections?

Many times users paste long code and those who want to refer to a specific line refer to it by its content, which can be misleading or cumbersome if the content appears elsewhere or the line is long. ...
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How should compiler errors, linker errors and logs be formatted?

How should I format compiler errors when I want to put them in code? Should they be in a code section: dk2.cpp: In function 'int main()': dk2.cpp:29:28: error: no matching function for call to '...
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What is syntax highlighting and how does it work?

I noticed that sometimes my code gets highlighted in different colors when rendered. What is syntax highlighting? How does it work? What if my code isn't highlighted correctly? How do I report a bug ...
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Proper use of the <kbd> tag

I've found that the <kbd> tag is very useful for marking up stuff other than actual keyboard keys. For example, Menus: "Navigate to the File → Open option" Buttons: "Press the OK button." ...
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How to add tables on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I have a question on SQL which is really hard to ask without tables. I tried copying and pasting from Excel, but it didn't work. How do I paste table in Stack Overflow, so I can ask an actual question?...
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Is it frowned upon to use backticks around a word or even part of it to refer to some function or keyword as part of a sentence?

I'm talking about things like "you can do that by taking your usersArray and mapping it to each user's name", essentially incorporating part of the inline code into the natural flow of the ...
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When, if ever, will I stop getting review audits?

When I crossed reputation to 3k+ I get privileged to mark posts as off-topic or duplicate. I'm always doing using my privileges to help community to decide whether a post is off-topic or duplicate. ...
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