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Should you put an answer to your own question and mark it as the accepted answer or update your question? [duplicate]

This mainly relates to when you've asked a question, no ones given you a suitable answer and then you come up with it yourself. So my question is, if you have this situation should you post the ...
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What happens when I answer my own question on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

If I answer my own question on Stack Overflow: will my points increase, decrease or stay the same? How is it working?
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The user asked a question and give the answer in 30 seconds. Maybe it should be marked as community post? [duplicate]

I saw such questions many times - some user asked a good (well structured) question and at the same moment gives the good answer on his/her own post. I don't know is it a good or not. At the one ...
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Should self-answered questions be protected or marked as a FAQ? [duplicate]

I have noticed that a particular member has asked a question, and, straight after just answered and accepted his answer. I presume that this is acceptable, as it has not been closed. Should the ...
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Is it right for someone to ask a question for the sole purpose of answering and getting reputation at Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

The question here was asked and answered at the same time, at 6:55. There was even a bounty on it of 500 reputation. What does "list comprehension" mean? How does it work and how can I use ...
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Asking question and immediate answering [duplicate]

Is it good practice to "ask" a question (create new one) and immediately answer it? Background: I experiance some problem. Try to search some favorite sources for answer. I can't find any existing ...
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Asking a question to which you already know the answer for tip/Q&A purposes [duplicate]

I think this is slightly different from this meta question: Quite often I have an amazing piece of functionality that I'm not sure everyone knows about and I can't find any direct reference to it on ...
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Should I delete my own post if I find the answer, or I should answer in my own post? [duplicate]

As you can see, I recently posted a question. But after a day I found the answer myself. I'm confused about whether I should answer my own question, so that the answer can be helpful to other people ...
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Can an interesting, but found already error be a subject of a post? [duplicate]

I have found a really beautiful error, that can be very useful for readers. @Override public void storeInputStream(InputStream inputStream, FileAccessDetail fileAccessDetail) throws StorageException ...
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Does Answering your question increases points on SO? [duplicate]

So I work with WSO2 frameworks and there are not a lot of developers for it out there. I posted a question regarding it yesterday but did not get any kind of response. Now that I have figured it out ...
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Answering one's own question [duplicate]

Recently I came across this question where the author appears to be well informed on the issue and answers his own question (according to SO timestamp) at precisely the same moment as he asks it. ...
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In what cases is it acceptable to answer your own question? [duplicate]

When asking a question on SO, there is an option to answer your own question immediately (Answer your own question – share your knowledge, Q&A-style). In what cases it's acceptable to do so? I've ...
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Ok to post a question with an answer for the purpose of sharing? [duplicate]

I ran into a programming issue that does not have any existing questions/answers. I was able to find the answer through trial & error, and even found a Microsoft KB article to back up my ...
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Can I answer for my own query, if I found answer myself? [duplicate]

Does Stack Overflow provide or allow answering my own question if I find an answer myself?
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When is it appropriate to post a question and answer it right away? [duplicate]

I realise that it could be helpful to add a question that I know the answer to and post both. Although I have yet to do this I would like to know when and if this is acceptable.
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