I answered a question on StackOverflow yesterday. Another user happened to answer the same question at about the same time - our answers are very similar. Both our answers received a single downvote at the same time and no comments. There are currently no other answers.

About 7 hours ago I left two comments on my answer:

  1. "Why the downvote?"
  2. "How did you get on with this?" - Directed specifically at the OP

The first comment has since been deleted. There has been no comments / response from the OP.

Are "Why the downvote?"-type comments automatically removed? Are they removed automatically in response to a flag? Or do they still need to go through a manual moderation process? (Who/why deleted this comment?)

  • There are plenty of discussion on meta for/against downvoting answers to clear duplicate questions... The "regex for range of numbers" is not exactly uncommon question (example)... Also regex was more relaxed than some other tags in that sense it may now have people subscribing to "downvote clear duplicates" camp. – Alexei Levenkov Feb 13 at 1:13
  • @AlexeiLevenkov "downvoting answers to clear duplicate questions" - Although in that case the question should be flagged as a duplicate and possibly downvoted? Here, the question was not flagged and was even upvoted! – MrWhite Feb 13 at 1:20
  • MrWhite - putting your name out for nice comments by OP (as close votes are public) have very different bar than anonymously downvoting content that one thinks should not be posted... Note that all is pure speculation and votes could be regular revenge downvotes, tactical downvotes, "missed his key" downvotes or even simply for not providing complete answer (neither of 2 answers actually gives complete regex... and OP could downvote due to having 115 rep...) – Alexei Levenkov Feb 13 at 1:45

There is no automatic removal of "why the downvote?" comments (although there should be—read on).

The only comments that are automatically removed are the "Does this answer your question?" (used to be "possible duplicate of…") comments that are automatically generated on your behalf when voting to close a question as a duplicate. Those get automatically removed when a consensus is reached and the question is closed as a duplicate.

All other comments must be flagged in order to be removed. There are certain trigger words/patterns that will cause a comment to be instantly removed with only a single flag, like expletives. I'm not sure if "downvote" is one of those words/patterns, but I don't think it is. If a flagged comment isn't instantly removed, it will go into the moderator flag queue, where a moderator will review each comment and determine whether or not it should be deleted.

In almost every single case that a "Why the downvote?" comment is flagged, a moderator will agree that it needs to be deleted. These comments are useless, and should never be posted in the first place. Votes are anonymous, by design. There is no system for users to provide an explanation to accompany their downvotes, and there will never be one. You aren't supposed to comment on your votes, whether up or down. Furthermore, "Why the downvote?" comments are especially useless because it's almost certain that your intended audience will never see the comment. By the time you leave the inquiring comment, the downvoter(s) is/are long gone. If you do get a response to your comment, it'll be someone else saying something like, "Hmm, I don't know why your question was downvoted", and then either indicating that they do or don't agree with the downvote. All pointless. They should express their agreement or disagreement through votes of their own.

Please do not post any more comments of the vein, "Why the downvote?", and do not post any more comments discussing votes in general. These comments are inappropriate, and will continue to be removed on sight.

That is, in fact, what happened in your case. You left a "Why the downvote?" comment below that answer, it was flagged by another community member as "no longer needed", and a moderator (who was not me) agreed with that flag and deleted the comment.

Speaking of pointless comments, you also left a "How did you get on with this?" comment below that same answer. I've deleted that comment now, as well, since it serves no purpose. If the asker wanted to provide feedback, they could do so either by leaving a comment, voting on the answer, and/or accepting it as the answer to their question. It is also their prerogative to choose to say/do nothing. Comments like "How did you get on with this?" just add noise.

  • 2
    Don't forget the "Don't forget to upvote and accept my answer!" comments :facepalm: – Nick A Feb 13 at 1:12
  • 2
    Or the, "Can you plz upvote my question?" comments. And don't forget the "Hope this helped!" comments. – Cody Gray Feb 13 at 1:14
  • "flagged by another community member" - Well, I did wonder whether it was the OP! Probably just coincidence, but I happened to notice they visited the site at the same time (within a minute) of the downvotes and their voting history is... awful. – MrWhite Feb 13 at 1:44
  • @NickA Although when new users comment, "Thanks - works great!" and they fail to accept the answer, I do find a "If this answered your question, then please mark it as accepted yardy yardy..." follow up comment to be very fruitful in most cases (shouldn't be necessary - but for some reason it is). (I always delete the comment later.) – MrWhite Feb 13 at 1:51
  • 1
    @MrWhite It was not the original asker of the question who flagged the comment. What does it mean for a user's voting history to be "awful"? – Cody Gray Feb 13 at 2:14
  • 1
    Ok, thanks. By "awful" I mean ... Asked 45 questions, none are "accepted", total votes in single digits and more downvotes than upvotes. – MrWhite Feb 13 at 2:25
  • @MrWhite how would you categorize reputation with ONE upvote and hundreds of downvotes? – Alexei Levenkov Feb 13 at 2:30
  • @AlexeiLevenkov A psychopath! ;) Or "troll" ... they are actively participating in the community but in a hugely negative way. A low total votes is just a non-participater (but with the large disparity between votes and questions asked... they are a participater, but not "giving back", which contributes to the "awful" ;). – MrWhite Feb 13 at 3:07
  • 1
    @MrWhite just making sure you do know what user I'm talking about - stackoverflow.com/users/88656/eric-lippert?tab=topactivity? – Alexei Levenkov Feb 13 at 3:10
  • 3
    He found another post worthy of an upvote, @Alexei. Eric is getting soft. – Cody Gray Feb 13 at 3:19
  • @AlexeiLevenkov Ha! Well, hhmmm... like I say, "there's always exceptions"! 1000s of +ve answers (and comments), do however turn that around somewhat! (Got to admit though - that is an unusual voting behaviour - sure does throw a curve ball to the voting averages!) – MrWhite Feb 13 at 4:03
  • 6
    @MrWhite You believe a user should upvote more than they downvote? You believe there are more good, high quality posts than the opposite? That curation is unnecessary work? I really to start frequenting the tags you frequent... – yivi Feb 13 at 8:23
  • @yivi No, not necessarily. – MrWhite Feb 13 at 9:57
  • 5
    @MrWhite then if there isn't more good than bad content, why do you think ppl should upvote more than they downvote? I personally think there is more bad content than good, so the votes should swing that way as well – Patrice Feb 13 at 11:14
  • So how are we supposed to get any type of feedback without having an explanation attached to the down-votes? Except for "you've been a bad boy", what can we possibly learn from a down-vote? Absolutely nothing. Not to mention the fact that many times user down-vote for no good reason other than condescending on new users. Pretty much every post gets down-voted these days and everyone thinks the system is fine and nothing needs fixing. – PanthersFan92 Feb 17 at 14:06

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