This question: RTools not working? was migrated from https://stats.stackexchange.com, which seems like a reasonable decision. However, it has a subject line which would not be acceptable, as well as serious formatting problems.

When I tried to fix the formatting, my edit was not accepted because the title was not acceptable.

  1. Can I force it to accept my partial edit? I don't want to edit the title.

  2. How can it be acceptable to migrate a bad title to Stack Overflow, but not to edit a post afterwards?

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  • Just remove the question mark. – TheWanderer Jan 6 at 20:03
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    What's the problem with changing the title to an acceptable one? – ivan_pozdeev Jan 6 at 20:05
  • @ivan_pozdeev: The question is unreadable as it is. I don't know what would be an appropriate title. – anon Jan 6 at 20:28
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    In this case, I think the question is best closed as unclear. If you make the question readable and still don't know what it's about, then there wasn't much point in making it readable. – TheWanderer Jan 6 at 20:57

As has already been mentioned in the comments, change the title to be an acceptable one.

If you want to edit a post, you must look at the entirety of the post not just the body. That includes the title and the tags. If they need improving, then improve them - especially when the system prompts you do so.

Therefore to answer your points:

  1. If you don't want to edit the title then don't edit the post at all.
  2. While there are checks made on migration (at least one of the posts tags must exist on the target site, the user isn't suspended or question blocked on the target site, etc.) a check on the title isn't included. If you think it should be then raise a feature request.