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Use this tag for questions about deleted examples in general, or why a specific example was deleted.

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Rollbacks that undoes Example Deletion doesn't undo loss of Rep

I previously asked a question related to an example I felt was wrongly editing and then deleted because of the edits. At the time of deletion, the example had 4 upvotes. When the example was deleted, ...
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Why was my example deleted? [closed]

I posted an example to the Design Patterns topic in the Java tag. The example was about the static factory method pattern. I included a code example, but for the most part I included an explanation ...
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29 votes
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Notification of my examples being deleted [closed]

Having spent some considerable time writing an example on Regular Expressions in Swift I was really surprised when I couldn't refer to it today. It turns out it was deleted (even though it had a ...
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The CSS Selectors' 'Universal Selector' and 'Type Selector' examples have been deleted, can this be undone? [closed]

Yesterday a user deleted the Universal Selector and Type Selector examples, claiming that these were "duplicate content". This change was approved by a user with just 152 reputation. However I can't ...
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