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Questions related to The Stack Overflow Comment Evaluator 5000, which is part of the welcoming initiative.

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Comment rating bot, which bucket am I in?

I just read the new blog post about the comment rating experiment here: Welcome Wagon: Community and Comments on Stack Overflow In the post, they separate raters out into categories of recruited by ...
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Should I do the Comment Evaluator 5000?

So it turns out that my invite to the Comment Evaluator 5000 from two weeks ago ended up in my spam bucket. When I discovered it, I went to the evaluator and started answering questions. But in the ...
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Should comments from SOCE5000 be considered in aggregate?

On their own I'd be ok with the below comments, but in aggregate that could change. In a different case could they need to be considered together?
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Comment Evaluator 5000 error when logging in on a different device

So I received an email inviting me to participate in the comment evaluator 5000 last week. I logged in at home and did some evaluating. Everything worked fine. Now when I try to log in from a ...
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Is my "Comment Evaluator 5000™" campaign email legit? [duplicate]

How do I know a "Comment Evaluator 5000™" email I received is legit? I mean, I got an email from some weird address (, note "", not "...
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Why are comments shown more than once in the Comment Evaluator 5000™?

First off: I didn't get an invitation for the Comment Evaluator 5000™; I learned about it through related questions here on Meta. I tried it out anyway, so please let me know if I'm not supposed to do ...
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Who was invited to use the Comment Evaluator 5000?

I learned about the Comment Evaluator 5000 through its tag, and I gather from other questions that many users received an email inviting them to use it, but I did not. (Yes, I've checked my spam ...
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Add progress towards goal to Comment Evaluator 5000

We were told in the invitation email that we should aim to spend approximately an hour with the Comment Evaluator 5000, or else our data might be completely trashed. But how do I know how much time I'...
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The "Stack Overflow Comment Evaluator 5000" is (perhaps) failing to hide some usernames

I was just evaluating some comments and it would seem that usernames are not always being redacted with "@________". See this - So far I've seen two instances; both times the username was not at ...
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Add image alt text to The Stack Overflow Comment Evaluator 5000

I was trying to evaluate some comments on the The Stack Overflow Comment Evaluator 5000, but the images aren't loading for me. I'm pretty sure it's my fault the images aren't rendering, but it would ...
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