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Should creating a tag require a more refined process? [duplicate]

Given the rate of the creation of new tags on the main site, many of which just end up or need to be burninated, should there be a system in place to make the tag-creating process more than just a ...
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Tag removals must be discussed and documented on Meta

Recently I was notified that a user, who has since been suspended, went on a mass-edit spree to remove tags that they believed were not needed on the site. Many of these tags had, and still have, ...
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Make it easier to prevent new questions being added in a tag

In part because of the recent controversy about downvoting questions for Roomba, @Shog9, myself, and others had a long conversation attempting to address the real problem: what are the goals of tag ...
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Has the community lost interest in burnination?

The current burn of the write and writing tags has been underway for a week. Only 296 actions have been made on posts, 164 of them (55%) by one person (me), and 81 (27%) by a second person. Daily ...
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Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes shall no longer be allowed

Moderator Note: We appreciate the community's feedback on this and are not moving forward with this rule as currently proposed. We still recommend not leaving these comments, and moderators will ...
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This tag has hit rock [bottom]

So... we have a bottom tag on SO. I propose we get rid of it. Criteria for burnination: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? And is it unambiguous? No, certainly not....
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Why was my question about a difference in behavior between .NET 4.7.1 and .NET 6 poorly received?

I recently got question banned and as a result I am very careful when writing a question. Today, I was once again downvoted when asking what I felt was a solid, well written question. As I have ...
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Why did I fail an audit for choosing to close this pure mathematics question? Is this on-topic here?

I was doing some reviews for Triage, and I came across a question which (I thought) was blatantly off topic. It is about graph theory, which is pure mathematics, and definitely has nothing to do with ...
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Is this specific question edit legit?

The question looks like this: I'd like to make a frequency vs. Time graph for an mp3 file that ill input using the minim library so that I can pick maximum frequencies and low frequencies and ...
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Is it right to edit a question and make it totally different?

I see in this site users can edit the questions asked by other users and, sometimes, the editor changes the question so that it becomes totally different to the original. Is that right? I think every ...