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Strict five minute comment editing window not in line with reality - improvement suggestion [duplicate]

There is an arbitrary limit of five minutes on editing comments. If there has been no other activity on that particular Q&A then the abitrary limit can be a hindrance to the formulation of a good ...
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Is there a level of trust where one can edit comments of others? [duplicate]

I know I can edit my own comments, but only for 5 minutes. What if I detect a relevant typo later? Is there a trust level that allows for editing comments no matter how old, no matter who wrote it? If ...
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Is it possible to let users edit comment until someone has actually replied to it to maintain the context [duplicate]

I have faced the issue several times and may be other users as well. Whenever I post a comment to SE sites, it stays editable till 5 minutes only. And often I jump back into my comment at 5 and 1/2 ...
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Logic behind time limited comment editing [duplicate]

What is the logic behind disallowing edits to my comments after x minutes? I can still copy the comment; paste it into a new comment; edit it; the delete the old one. The result is the same. This ...
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Mods deleting comments because they don't agree

I posted a comment. It was deleted. I feel that the moderator has abused their privilege to delete comments. People clearly agreed with the comment that I posted. It wasn't rude. I simply stated that ...
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How do I flag a flag? [duplicate]

I had flagged a comment as obsolete, but I was wrong! Then I thought It does not matter... it will be declined., but it was not! So how can I bring this error to the attention of the moderators?
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How to view my comments?

I got the "Pundit" badge just now. No idea for what exactly. So I thought it'd be useful if we could view our comments, perhaps a top-ten kind of thing to see the highest ranked. Or at least for the ...
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Aren't upvotes on comments supposed to increase rep?

Please help me out here. Am I mistaken by thinking my rep used to change when someone upvoted my comment? Am I just confusing it with something else or is it just an issue with my account? If its ...
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Code-Changes behind Links. What exactly to do?

Usually I am not here that much, but more on CodeReview. There yesterday a question showed up, that is now deleted: Can any one help me to review the code and help me to fix the issue I am facing ? ...
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Can't deleted comments confuse users who try to enter into a discussion?

I have really thought about that many times ago, specially when i feel most of the time that my deleted-comment will change the context of such a discussion, therefore it might confuse other users. ...
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Why can't I edit my reply to an answer posted on a question I created?

I believe I should be able to edit my comment, based on this Q&A, which states that such edits can be made for up to five minutes. However, I see no such option: I thought it may be my reputation,...
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Highlight and comment parts of questions for comments

Often I find my comments on questions are specific to a piece of text in the question, such as "What does 'foo the bar in the baz' mean?". The OP will then clarify and now my comment is pointless or ...
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