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How does reputation work on meta? [duplicate]

I know you cannot gain rep on meta, but if you downvote on meta, will that affect your meta rep? Furthermore, would that change be reflected in my main account?
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What is Stack Overflow Meta and how is it different from Stack Exchange and Stack overflow? [duplicate]

I am looking for a place to ask a question about posting a question on Stack Overflow. I thought that this would be the place but it appears to be a bunch of people complaining about things. So my ...
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Why is a moderator's tag red? [duplicate]

I asked a question today, When marking a question as duplicate last comment get removed surprisingly, User (he's a moderator) ChrisF edited it with a tag named status-bydesign. Why is my tag is gray ...
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Reputation on Meta Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow is synchronized, but not badges [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand all of things about how Stack Exchange sites work and I want to clarify why reputation on Meta Stack Overflow is synchronized, but badges no? I have doubt about that, but I ...
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Tag conflict in Stack Overflow Meta [duplicate]

When posting a question to Stack Overflow Meta, in which I was looking for site recommendation about a question (), I could not simply add the tags stack-exchange and site-recommendation. A notice ...
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Why is reputation points not gained by my question with upvotes on Meta Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have recently asked a question on Meta Stack Overflow and that question got some few upvotes. I am really wondering why even a little bit of my reputation is not affected with those votes? Is there ...
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Can retagging prevent closing ..? [duplicate]

I just had my very first dupehammer excersise. I was wondering, since I have earned the privilege on the jquery tag - is the question reopened if OP (or someone else) retag the question and remove the ...
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Why is reputation about 15 minutes behind on meta compared to the normal site? [duplicate]

For some reason, when I'm on meta, I noticed that reputation changes are a little behind. For example, earlier I edited a post on the main site giving me two more reputation points. Over on the meta ...
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Unsynchronized reputation in SO Meta and SO [duplicate]

I have my reputation on SO Meta and SO displayed differently. I have found on the FAQ that it is synchronized. I have tried refreshing many times, but no changes. In my profile also I find the ...
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Discovering Stack Overflow meta [duplicate]

Learning The Ropes I've been using Stack Overflow for help on certain questions I had about programming for a little while now, as I have just started programming last month. As a newcomer, I was ...
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Meta site help documents are not specific to Meta [duplicate]

Backstory I had a question I was considering asking on SO. Then I realized it wasn't a good fit for SO, and was going to ask here on Meta as to what site (SE or otherwise) would be the best place to ...
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No Strunk & White - possible bug? [duplicate]

I noticed that I do not have this badge, and on my profile it still shows I made 1482 useful post edits. Is it a possible bug or is there a misunderstanding in criteria?
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Is there a public issue tracking for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I want to propose some improvements, but I can't find an issue tracking website for Stack Overflow.
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meta vs normal I really don't understand [duplicate]

I do not understand what this is, Is this something new starting or does it have a different purpose?
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What is the mission of Meta, as a community?

In this question, statements of Stack Overflow's mission by Joel Spolsky and Prashanth Chandrasekar are quoted: For many years now our founder Joel and others have said our mission is: "...
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