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How do I blog my favorite Arduino code to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have a favorite Arduino program that I want to keep for the future. Can I put it on Stack Overflow so I can find it (if I lose it). Plus, someone might learn from it.
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Is Stack Overflow the correct platform to share what I have got [duplicate]

I wanted to migrate my friends' data from phpnuke (forum) to joomla 2.5 kenuna component (forum). And after doing a lot of search I found nothing really useful, so I started to write a migration code. ...
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Business guy in love with coding - May I post answers to my textbook? [duplicate]

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Is there any place to put solutions which make feel proud? [duplicate]

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Where can I post some plugins I wrote [duplicate]

i want to tell the users who are searching for a method to create links based on the root path of their webapp, but i don't know where to post. I read in a comment, that there is a blog page or ...
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I have an answer to offer, but no one has asked for it yet

In the course of building my project, I discovered that it's possible to overload the addEventListener object - I've seen a few questions that asked the question about adding one eventListener to ...
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How can Stack Overflow users be encouraged to use jQuery only when appropriate?

This question is a serious question for anyone who believes there is still just as much importance in understanding the core JavaScript language, even in the post-jQuery world. In the last seven ...
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User promoting his software in relevant questions without disclosure

I was searching for DiagramO, an open source diagramming software on Stack Overflow. In its search results almost all the answers are written by a single user, who is the creator of the software ...
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Is it OK to flood Stack Overflow with questions and answers about your own products? [duplicate]

Two users have been asking and answering each other's questions about two products in a stack developed as open source software by a company. Both users seem to work for this company. Is this OK?
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Is this library promotion spamming?

I just noticed these answers. They all start with the same sentence: An other approach is to use underscore.aggregate library (mixin for underscorejs). While each of them seems to answer the ...
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Promoting company through (technical) SO posts

I browse and read questions on Stack Overflow quite a bit in my spare time. I have started to notice this user who has been doing large 'drops' of self-answered questions. Answers typically come ...
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Can I post useful information that is only just a Q&A?

I have spent the last 3.5 hours working on some (PHP) code that did not do as was expected/desired due to finding that all the multiple purpored internet answers, including some referenced on SO ...
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