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What is wrong with minor edits? [duplicate]

This has probably been asked before, but What's wrong with minor edits? Jeff Atwood had something against them and as a result we have stupid limits on having to add 6 characters to an edit before ...
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Edit hunting and possible reputation farming - how should I react? [duplicate]

Occasionally the suggested edits queue on Stack Overflow gets flooded with edit suggestions by the same user. A few minutes ago there were ~5 suggested edits by the same user who apparently searched ...
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When an edit only fixes a typo, what should I do as a reviewer? [duplicate]

I was reviewing some suggested edits when this came up. Someone proposed an edit of a fine question that didn't need any editing but had a typo in the title ('netwrok'). The edit only corrected the ...
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Guidance on fixing posts with typos in the title [duplicate]

I have recently been trying to clean up some of the egregious typos on Stack Overflow to help make the information more searchable. For example, if someone uses "Javacript" in the title, instead ...
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Approve small but correct suggested edits [duplicate]

Should I approve suggested edits that are correct, but minor or even trivial (e.g. single spelling errors)? On the review side it clearly says Approve edits you know are correct But on Help ...
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Afraid of doing edits [duplicate]

I started editing almost two weeks ago, and got 81 approved edits and 12 rejected. During this time, I found many mistakes in my edits (that were removed in the later edits) through questions on Meta. ...
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What to do with a user making many minor changes [duplicate]

There is a user who is making minor, aesthetic changes to titles e.g. I have ...
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Is just fixing a typo in the title a valid suggested edit? [duplicate]

A user has made 191 suggested edits in a span of five hours, most of which are just correction of a typo in the title, and around 180 of them have been approved. I have rejected and edited some I have ...
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What constitutes "Too Minor" when it comes to tag editing? [duplicate]

The last couple of days, I've seen a lot of questions roll through the Suggested Edits queue where the only change made was adding/removing a tag. Most of the times, the suggested edit is adding a tag ...
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Trivial edits that are not trivial [duplicate]

I recently came a across and answer that was overall a good answer. The only problem was that the answer was missing a newline in-between some text and a code block causing an entire block of code to ...
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A way to request copy editing on my posts [duplicate]

My English is poor, but my answers are not so poor ("see votes count"). I would like to improve the grammar and writing of my answers, but, right now, I do not have sufficient skills. I even have ...
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Should edit rejection reasons be updated to encourage rejecting minor/trivial edits? [duplicate]

I think it is an ongoing problem that too many trivial edits which don't fully address the issues in a post are proposed. Related to this is that many of these trivial edits are accepted by reviewers. ...
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Should I edit posts to capitalize the word "i" if there is any lowercase? [duplicate]

I tend to edit posts when I encounter any spelling error and also capitalize "i"s if they are unintentionally left in lowercase. Today, I did edit and only capitalized "i"s without editing other ...
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Why are small edits discouraged? [duplicate]

I have seen several posts here on Meta that discourage small edits (eg, remove a single superfluous tag, or remove "hello"/"thanks", or fix minor grammar, etc.). The general consensus seems to be that ...
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2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Candidate Index Election candidates deceze (nomination) Ed Cottrell (nomination) Jeremy Banks (nomination) Jon Clements (nomination) Martijn Pieters (nomination) Matt (nomination) meagar (nomination)...
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