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Reviewing suggested Edit: what is wrong in my case?

Recently I was suspended for three review decisions and specifically for this one I have accepted the change because I consider that ...
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Increase suggested edit approval votes to three if there is a disapproval vote

I've noticed in the course of my reviews, that a lot of trivial edits are making it through the approve queue because of the new "only 2 votes required" rule that was put into place. I'd like to ...
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Why was my custom moderator flag declined?

Apparently I missed out on quite a few developments regarding the stance towards partial edits. Looking at it now I largely agree with my flag being declined, because a.) the flag didn't contain any ...
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Help me understand when, why and how to edit posts

I recently had an edit rejected and am not exactly sure why this happened. I tried not to change the user's question at all, but just provide a clearer representation of the question for future ...
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What do I now do for a previously "too minor" edit?

I have been pointed to this post when I asked what happened to the "too minor" edit reject reason: Disappearance of "too minor" -- where is the relevant discussion? It of course links to: ...
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Why have I been temporarily suspended from reviewing for accepting and improving this suggested edit?

When I wanted to take part in the review queue just now, I saw this message: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again in 4 days. The following tasks were handled ...
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Suspicious approval of suggested edits

I was recently reading Handling floods of "too minor" suggested edits when I realized I had seen a pattern of such edits by a specific user recently. Admittedly, there are plenty of this user's edits ...
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Community♦'s rejection reason when I "Reject and Edit" explicitly contradicts established site policy and is worse than no message at all

I rarely use "Reject and Edit" from the Suggested Edits review queue, but just now I did it for the first time in a while and saw that it generated this rejection message: This edit did not correct ...
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Is putting errors in block quote wrong while editing?

I am asking this question because recently one of my edits has been rejected by some users. What I have done is put all the error paragraph inside a block quote, so that it can be readable. I am not ...
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Quality Assurance for Edit Approval

Edit Apparently these edits are too small. Then I have more questions: Why does the system allow this? Why was this changed and why are there points given out for these edits, if they are in fact too ...
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Priority of grammar, spelling and punctuation in questions

How much priority should be given to grammar, spelling and punctuation when editing a question? How relevant are those? Should questions and answers be edited because of the sole reason there are ...
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Prevent minor and invalid edits better

I'm sick and tired of people repeatedly spamming the edit queue with minor edits. I want to punish the editors and robo-reviewers and prevent some of them from entering the queue in the first place. ...
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Change in attribution of question editing by "new" user?

As a relatively new user on SO I still have a lowly station among the more established users, as is evidenced by my measly sub-1,000 rep. Not exactly being a repwhore, I do enjoy my increasing ...
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When to check "Suggested edit was helpful"?

When reviewing edits, the Improve option presents the reviewer with an editor view that has this checkbox, labeled "suggested edit was helpful" and checked by default. When should this be unchecked? ...
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What is the current position on minor "correct" edits? [duplicate]

I see this question on meta seems to say that any minor edit that actually does improve the quality of the post should be accepted, and during reviewing I no longer see the ability to reject edits for ...
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