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What to do when a question is off-topic for all of the listed sites in the close flag? [duplicate]

I came across this question in the low-quality post queue. I thought it would be a much better fit for the Android Stack Exchange site, but unfortunately that site isn't an option in the flag screen. ...
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Can we have more options in the Closing > Off-Topic > Migration [duplicate]

I see a lot of question in StackOverflow that are not suitable (for SO), but could potentially be suitable for a different StackEchange site. Could we have more options in the Closing > Off-Topic ...
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Add the option to migrate to programmers on the flag [duplicate]

This is related to this question "Flagging migration should include more options". But more specific and I believe it is more valid then the suggestion he made there. This is a site about ...
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Why does Close | Off-Topic | Other SE site not list all sites? [duplicate]

Over on stackoverflow, under review, Close Question | Off-Topic | Belongs on other SE site only lists a handful of available Stack Exchange web sites to redirect the question to. I would like to ...
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"Automatic" move paths to complete Stack Exchange family [duplicate]

Well this is a given by another topic I posted. There I asked why a topic was closed. With the big hidden second part "instead of moved". It was closed for off-topic. Now I assumed that off-topic ...
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Should Server Fault be added to the "belongs on another site" dialog when citing a close vote reason? [duplicate]

The current dialog looks like this when selecting Community Specific Reason → This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange Network: Stack Overflow is a programming site, but many ...
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Why can't I say a question is off-topic and belongs on [duplicate]

I see many ?'s that should be on because they aren't about programming. They are generally about dev ops issues. And most people on SO don't care for those questions, as most people ...
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Flag off-topic question that doesn't fit given options [duplicate]

I recently ran across a (since deleted) question by a new user asking for some UX feedback on a concept they were working on. There was no code involved; only high-level concepts. While the "primarily ...
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Why is there no "Others" option on migration? [duplicate]

When we flag a post for migration the following options are available: SO is programming Q&A but we keep getting questions like this which are more suitable for programmers.SE. But there is no ...
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Why do different users get different migration flag suggestions? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this question: I felt like this should go to user interface/experience https://ux....
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Add additional SE sites to Triage > Unsalvageable > should be closed > off topic because > belongs on another site [duplicate]

When processing review queues, I would like to see more (all?) the possible SE sites listed, so that I can refer someone that has a Question that should be migrated to another SE site, to that site. ...
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Broaden off-topic migration flags [duplicate]

When was the last time the migration selection was updated ? It's lacking programmers, code review, software rec and user experience SE. And I'm not a huge reviewer, but I never had to migrate to tex ...
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Flagging Move to Another Site Not Listed [duplicate]

Many times I see questions on Stackoverflow that clearly belong on other sites, especially the Android Stackexchange. Because of this I usually add the comment This belongs on [site name and link]...
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Why the flag " is belonging to other site" is Limited? [duplicate]

I see a question on this site and tried to flag it as belonging to Server Fault, so when I have tried to do it this choices revealed for me: Why server Fault isn't included? and Why we can flag the ...
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What should I do with questions that clearly belong on another SE site, but aren't in the migration options? [duplicate]

Trying to ask the question in a way that doesn't run into cross-site politics. When a question belongs on another site, what exactly am I intended to do with it? Leaving a comment manually has ...
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