The Close Votes review stats page shows that EdChum performed 100,000 close vote reviews.

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Getting content properly rated is very important to me because this helps me use the site and I would like to use this milestone as an opportunity to express appreciation for outstanding contribution and effort.

Thanks for your dedication Ed!

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    readers willing to check more review details at user profile page may notice that it shows smaller number of reviews (much smaller, like 40-something thousands instead of 100). The reason for this difference is that in profile page system hides reviews on questions that were later deleted – gnat Sep 15 at 9:11
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    This is actually a good thing to thank for. I hope this post will get featured like the others. – Temani Afif Sep 15 at 9:40
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    How is it possible that there are thousand separators in the top three blocks but not in the actual "All time" column? The failure of this site to consistently format numbers is such a disgrace. – Ian Kemp Sep 15 at 10:49
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    Remember when andrewsi was the top reviewer on SO? Pepperidge farm remembers. – Bhargav Rao Sep 15 at 11:06
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    He is one of my super-heroes. The person, I know, I could never become, but the one that I cannot help but always look up to. I wish him all the best and an eventful retirement. – Trilarion Sep 15 at 11:29
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    A month late, but yes it is quite the impressive achievement! – TylerH Sep 15 at 14:49
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    I know this is something to be celebrated, but I can't help but feel some kind of sadness here. This person did 100K reviews and decided that they were done with SO after that. This kind of thing can drive a person up a wall and all we can do is pat them on the back. I wish Stack Exchange would do more to laud this rather than us cheering them on. – Makoto Sep 15 at 15:09
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    I applaud the dedication here, but my word what a miserable time EdChum must have had getting there. Also, what do they get for it? Not a single thing. – DavidG Sep 15 at 15:49
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    @DavidG given that in the meantime Ed managed to get 250+K rep I suppose that it didn't took that much time (my own experience is, it takes 3-5 minutes to do daily 40 reviews, or maybe 10 if you are unlucky). As for what reviewers / curators get for their effort, this was quite thoroughly discussed eg here (and the linked post in this very congratulation hints at that too, "To me, Stack Overflow is a tool. I use this tool in my job and I just need to keep it sharp.") – gnat Sep 15 at 16:00
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    @gnat He could have gotten to 250k rep a lot easier had he not done those reviews. I suspect 3-5 minutes per 40 is conservative, but if it averaged to 4 minutes, that's still 7 solid days of doing nothing but those reviews. FWIW I'm not bashing Ed, I'm (slightly) bashing the review system. – DavidG Sep 15 at 16:28
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    Re: "I know this is something to be celebrated, but I can't help but feel some kind of sadness here. This person did 100K reviews and decided that they were done with SO after that." Yes, I agree. It's depressing. SO is about co-education - asking questions and answering each other's questions. Helping each other. Growing an educational community. It's not about shitwork. This sort of thing is just janitorial work which paid SO employees don't want to do. However, since they're paid employees, they absolutely should be doing the janitorial work, not offloading it onto unpaid volunteers. – Rounin Sep 16 at 8:53
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    I too can't help but feel some kind of sadness here. That users must do thousands and thousands of reviews to even keep the site halfway decent reflects that we and the company still haven't found a solution that doesn't require that much unthankful work, i.e. avoiding the need to review as much as possible upfront. It feels to me like over the years we and the company kind of took the free work there for granted and that did not exactly speedup the ideas to find a better solution. – Trilarion Sep 16 at 9:22
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    @DavidG "Also, what do they get for it? Not a single thing." It's purely altruistic. You do it because others profit from a better SO knowledge library. Personally, it's a loss of time. – Trilarion Sep 16 at 9:28
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    @Trilarion I can't read Ed's mind but it is possible that just like it is for me, it is investment in the tool, "If someone feels that the above sounds selfish, well, yes it is selfish. I am in it because it helps me keep a nice job with good pay..." – gnat Sep 16 at 9:32
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    @TylerH I didn't say 4 minutes for a review, I said 4 minutes to do all 40 for a day. And yes, he gets to be the top of the list, but I didn't even know there was a list until I saw this post. For me, this is a hollow victory for him. The Sisyphean task of review queues is mostly thankless, and SO have done very little to help fix that for a long time. – DavidG Sep 16 at 12:42

Thank you

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    hope your retirement eventually turns into sabbatical :) – gnat Sep 17 at 7:54
  • Thank you Ed. Also thank you for that video. What a brilliant video that is? Never seen it before btw. – Krishnabhadra 2 days ago

user profile screen-shot, showing a description stating that the user is "retired from SO after hitting 100K close queue reviews"

Come on, Ed. You can make it to 200k!

Thanks a 100k for the effort anyway.

I hope you change your mind and come back for another 100k. Those queues are not going the get cleared by themselves, you know?

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    They're not going to be cleared by EdChum either even if he does come back. It'll take years for him to get that other 100k :) What we need is people to feel inspired by this achievement, because a hundred people doing 1k reviews makes a far bigger dent in a shorter time period... I'm one, need 99 more. – Gimby Sep 15 at 15:03
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    @Gimby hard to do when they're handing out review bans like candy at Halloween. – miken32 Sep 15 at 16:00
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    I would imagine somehow EdChum managed not to be review-suspended very often to get to that impressive number. Wonder how they did. – yivi Sep 15 at 16:03
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    @yivi it's not difficult, really. I for one did about 2/3 of Ed's reviews and had no single suspension. It's all a matter of focus and selection – gnat Sep 15 at 17:26
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    You are right, @gnat. Although remind me to mark certain comments of mine with /s, for example. Tongue in cheek is not always clearly understood. It's on me for conveying it poorly. – yivi Sep 15 at 17:35
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    I wonder why EdChum quit in the first place. – 10 Rep Sep 15 at 21:38
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    This was one of the coolest mic-drops I have ever seen. It reminded me of Forrest Gump after running for a few months and then quitting. – polfosol ఠ_ఠ Sep 16 at 7:55
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    @10Rep Probably something to do with events from the past year or two. Perhaps 100k CV reviews was a prior commitment that he wanted to see through. – TylerH Sep 16 at 14:23
  • @yivi probably because the queue vigilantes are not paying attention to the close queue (yet.) – miken32 Sep 18 at 20:47
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    Sorry @miken32, I don’t understand what you mean – yivi Sep 18 at 21:58

Thank you, EdChum.

I had difficulty making it to the 1,000 mark in that queue. I cannot begin to imagine getting to 10,000, let alone achieving what you have.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some of them are here on Stack Overflow, and you're one of them. Enjoy your retirement - no one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste...

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This is incredible, and thank you EdChum for making Stack Overflow a better-curated site.

I stopped sometime right after I reached 1000 reviews and got the Steward badge and can't even dream of what you have achieved.

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Well, I don't know @EdChum from his review reputation, but certainly do know him as a Python pandas and numpy gold badge guru: Top 10 in Pandas and Top 30 in NumPy!

Congrats on all feats!

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This is incredible. It inspires people like me to reach 3k and do my bit for the community. For the people who are new, the Close Votes review queue is to

Vote whether or not to close questions with close votes

so if you have 3k reputation, you'll be able to close questions which you think are not up to the standards.

Again, reaching 100k reviews needs dedication, sheer will, commitment and focus.

He's the John Wick of the SO community.

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Congratulations to EdChum for hitting 1Lakh close vote reviews.

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Where can I check if those were 100k good votes about closings?

Sometimes I see interesting questions from newcomers, may be not a very clean form and needing some adjustment, that in a few seconds gets assaulted by a lot of downvotes and closing requests.

Before I can even finish a comment or edit the question is gone, deleted by the poster (that may be will just leave SO forever).

Why everyone here seems assuming that closing is necessarily good?

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    I'm sure in the over 20K question he closed you'll find some that you deem not close worthy. – rene Sep 18 at 15:30
  • @rene: thanks for the links, and indeed I already found a few. Given the number of answers however at least some of those questions where not closed right after opening. – 6502 Sep 18 at 15:37
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    I have no idea what that means, nor am I sympathetic towards your arguments. I'm fourth in the Close stats. I would say we don't close enough. – rene Sep 18 at 15:48
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    "Why everyone here seems assuming that closing is necessarily good?" Because Stack Overflow isn't a help desk, yet many askers treat it like such by posting questions in inadequate conditions to be answered. They also tend not to check what kinds of questions are on-topic for the site before posting. But perhaps you already know all this but still disagree. In that case I suppose we can't help much. – E_net4 the account reporter Sep 18 at 15:55
  • @rene: ah... was sarcasm? Sorry I didn't get it. And for example you really think this question for example stackoverflow.com/questions/63342988/… is "not focused" because asking more than one thing? – 6502 Sep 18 at 15:55
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    blame here looks misdirected. Just a year ago, closing worked totally differently but then company run an experiment and decided that they prefer faster and easier closures. They changed the system to the way they like better (ie faster and easier closures) and Ed had nothing to do with that – gnat Sep 18 at 16:19
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    @gnat: I don't really follow meta at all and I don't know if the bad closing increase I noticed indeed started when policy was changed. What surprised me about this post was that there was a celebration for action, but without any reasoning about the quality of that action. Note that I'm not saying Ed closings were bad, I just said I didn't know if they were bad or not (because for sure I saw bad closing happening) so celebrating Ed made a lot of them seemed silly. Just stating this got me ridiculed with a random query without even checking results were questionable. Is this SO now? – 6502 Sep 18 at 18:44
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    It is not a random query, I wrote it specially for you to give you an option to gather evidence if these closings were indeed of the quality you want them to be. I assumed your findings would result in a new question where you give us advice and guidance how we can do better in the future. I find it personally a bit strange to doubt their actions on a celebration post. It feels a bit like saying on your neighbors birthday that you can't stand old people. – rene Sep 18 at 19:35
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    all reviews are public by design and one can assess their details in user profile page - this page was referred to in the very first comment under the congratulations post, "readers willing to check more review details at user profile page..." etc – gnat Sep 18 at 20:18
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    @rene: it was the celebration of closing, not of birthday. There's nothing to be happy about when a question is closed (hidden) unless it was a bad question. It's the celebration of removing from the website of questions and answers that (at least in some cases) someone found important (dared asking) and useful (accepted the answer). Like I said before, over the years I observed both an increase of bad questions AND the increase of bad policing. Closing per se is not good or bad. Good closing is good, bad closing is bad. Celebrating all closings is nonsense. – 6502 Sep 18 at 20:21
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    it would be incorrect to call this celebration of "closing". Close Vote review has two outcomes, user decides between two voting choices whether to close the question or leave open, and both decisions have equal importance and impact (as a side note, I somehow feel like you imagine close vote queue as some sort of conveyor where question get passed to reviewers over and over and over again until it gains enough votes to close - just in case if you think so, please realise that this is not how review works) – gnat Sep 18 at 20:33
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    @gnat yeah, I paid a revisit to this meta answer. I'll live with it. – rene Sep 18 at 21:14
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    on a more general note, whenever you see question voted down or quickly closed, be sure that close review has nothing to do with that, because it is (intentionally) designed to prevent things like that. First, close vote review UI doesn't let user cast votes up nor down. Second, system delays start of close review for at least 10-15 minutes after first vote or flag to close. In cases when system automaticaly determines that faster review is desired, it puts question into a different queue and this can delay close review even more, up to several hours – gnat Sep 19 at 4:59
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    @gnat: I simply saw you guys celebrating something that is necessary evil, not a good. A perfect SO would have no closings (not 200k of them by each moderator). And this even assuming 100% unquestionable closings (and sorry for popping your dreams but this is not the case, BY FAR). Closings are a negative action; you are silencing someone. Of course some closings are good, but not all of them are and it's rarely a win-win scenario. Celebrating policeman Ed for the work is great... celebrating arrests (or killings) is not. What's next? celebrating 100k bans? – 6502 Sep 19 at 5:52
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    with attitude like that anything can be labeled evil. "Ohh answers help homework cheaters and incompetent coders get what they want without effort, that's soo eeevil", gimme a break. Reasons to celebrate are explained in statring post - properly rating content, making site easier to use for folks searching solutions to their coding problems - this isn't evil – gnat Sep 19 at 8:21

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