I've always assumed that when an answer is flagged as "very low quality", it goes to the "Low-Quality Posts" review queue; and that's for two reasons:

  1. Because of the name. They both share the "low-quality" aspect, so it makes sense.

  2. The text in the review bar (in the LQP queue) usually says:

    This answer was flagged as low-quality because of its length and content. [emphasis mine]

Well, yesterday, I flagged a bunch of answers as VLQ and two things happened that made me question my previous assumption:

  1. I noticed that out of 12 helpful flags, the action (i.e., answer deleted) was taken by a moderator in 11 of them.

  2. I got a flag declined (rightfully so) where the moderator message said:

    Blah blah blah... This does not require moderator intervention.

So, it appears that flagging an answer as VLQ makes it go to the moderators' queue(s) and not [just] to the LQP queue. I tried searching for an answer but I couldn't find anything documented that tells exactly what happens when an answer is flagged as VLQ.

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