I have been reading an Emacs tutorial book and got questions when testing some Emacs features on my local machines. I wonder where to ask questions such as those two I have done at Stack Overflow:

Should I rather use Super User or Stack Exchange?

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    emacs.stackexchange.com – munk Feb 22 at 12:52
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    The two Stack Overflow links are identical. – Peter Mortensen Feb 22 at 13:40
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    Why did you link to the exact same question twice? Why did you link to the exact same question twice? – Will Feb 22 at 17:19

The dedicated Emacs Stack Exchange site will always be suitable, even though Emacs questions are generally also on-topic for Stack Overflow (as Emacs is a software tool commonly used by programmers) and Super User (as long as it's not about software development).

  • This is the answer, IMO. But I often add a comment to a question when it is posted to two of those sites (typically SO and emacs.SE). I tell the OP that either is OK, but ask that s?he please choose just one and delete the other. The OP does so nearly always. – Drew Mar 1 at 20:17

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