Stack Overflow has a great archive of past comments, questions, answers, votes and so on. However, I can't seem to find a record of my past chat messages. Is this something that is archived? If so, then how can I access?

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This is not possible. Everything is archived with the individual room transcripts, but you cannot get a list of just your own messages.

You can search for specific messages said by a user, on the search page, by filling in their user ID. But you need to include a query, you cannot leave the field blank.

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search result

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    You can also view the most recent tab on a user chat profile which isn't great if they're a heavy chat user as it's not going to include "archive" things, for instance, the OP's recent activity is here and it doesn't appear they've used chat for 3+ years, but it'll give them an idea in this case. (Appears to be 3 rooms auto-generated from extended discussion on main site posts) – Jon Clements Jan 6 '18 at 14:16

Yes, this is possible. Even though it's not exposed in the interface, the "recent messages" tab in your profile supports pagination.

After seeing your most recent messages at:

You can find the next page at:

And continue from there.

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