I'm aware that the Roomba rules for dupes are different. For example, as I understand it, a zero-scored dupe with a zero-scored answer wouldn't ordinarily be Roomba'd like a question closed for a different reason would be.

On the other hand, a negative-scored dupe with no answers will be Roomba'd the same way that a negative-scored question with no answers would.

However, what about negative-scored duplicates with zero-scored, non-accepted answers?

Can someone clarify exactly in what situations a dupe will be Roomba'd? I'm already aware of the following:

  • A positive-scored dupe will never be Roomba'd.
  • A dupe with a positive-scored or accepted answer won't be Roomba'd.
  • A zero-scored dupe with zero-scored answers won't be Roomba'd.
  • I'm not sure about zero-scored dupes with no answers.
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Will negative-scored duplicates with a zero-scored, non-accepted answer Roomba?

No. The Roomba rules are clear;

  • RemoveDeadQuestions only triggers when there's no answer
  • RemoveAbandonedQuestions only triggers when there's no answer
  • RemoveAbandonedClosed only triggers when it's not closed as a duplicate
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Let's clarify which processes are involved here. If you take a look at the Roomba article in the help center, you can see that being closed as a duplicate excludes the question from the RemoveAbandonedClosed script.

Duplicates can instead be deleted by RemoveDeadQuestions, for which the criteria are:

  • has −1 or lower score
  • has no answers
  • is not locked

Hence, having any answer at all excludes a question from deletion (here's an example of that). Note that RemoveAbandonedQuestions works similarly — having any answer at all prevents deletion, for better or worse.

Therefore, in answer to your title question: negatively scored duplicates with answers are not deleted by any Roomba script.

Alternatively, here is proof by counterexample. The question is from 2014, with score –2 and one answer of score 0, not accepted. It has not been deleted.

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