I just saw this question. It's tagged with and because it's asking about user interface design (in this case in but it's pretty platform/language agnostic).

Questions about usability are not strictly about programming and they have their natural home in another StackExchange site: User Experience. Should they be considered off-topic when they're only about design without a specific programming issue (as, for example, stated on this post)?

On the other side we have 790 questions tagged ( is too generic to be considered on- or off-topic when used alone).

Are these questions on topic for StackOverflow or - in theory - they should all closed/deleted and/or migrated to UX? What we should do with newer questions? Is a red flag for possibly off-topic questions?


Most new questions about usability and UX should be asked on UX. However, the question could be on topic here if, for example, it's asking something along the lines of:

I'm trying to implement this usability feature and I'm getting this error/behaviour.

as this is an implementation question which would be off topic over there. So while you might want to take a closer look at questions tagged the presence of the tag is not sufficient to indicate that the question should be migrated.

Any old* question can't be migrated, so if it's now off topic then it should be closed. However, I wouldn't go searching for them, but only vote to close if you came across them while looking for something else.

* old is defined as older than 60 days.


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