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For questions and anything related to the 2021 Developer Survey.

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Wrong currency exchange rates used in 2021 Developer Survey

Found this issue while working on a hobby project of mine. Stack Overflow survey converts salaries reported in other currencies to USD. The survey from 2020 uses exchange rates from 2020-02-19: https:/...
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Where can I find the developer survey 2021 dataset?

I can't find the link to the SO 2021 survey (that was released recently) CSV data set here. Any idea when the data set will be made public?
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Where are the breakdowns of the open-ended questions in the 2021 Survey?

Can we get some details of the breakdown of results of the open-ended questions in the 2021 Developer Survey? In particular, when asked if we visited another developer community, we were asked to name ...
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What is "Worked With vs. Want to Work With" and "Most loved, dreaded, and wanted" in the Developer Survey results?

In 2021 we introduced a new section to the Technology chapter of our annual Developer Survey results. We titled this section Worked With vs. Want to Work With. Our hope with this section is to expand ...
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Why can non-coders take the Developer Survey this year?

In last year's Developer Survey I noted that non-coders are prevented from completing the survey; after providing enough information to show that they are non-coders (and some additional information) ...
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2021 Developers Survey does not let you go back to fix incorrect answers?

As the title say, the survey does not let you go back a step to correct an incorrect answer. Somehow I selected the wrong location and as soon as I went ahead realized the mistake. It seems that the ...
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Haven't yet received Census badge - Claim it manually?

About ten hours ago I did the yearly developer survey. As of now I haven't received the reward - though it appears that the badge page is being updated every minute. I can't re-do the test due to the ...
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Take the 2021 Developer Survey

Our 2021 Developer Survey opened today! Whether an active member of the Stack Overflow community or not, we encourage everyone who codes to participate and make their voice heard. The survey will be ...
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Let the Stack Overflow Developer Survey participant to uncheck the option if the question is not mandatory

In the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, I am unable to uncheck the option in non-mandatory questions once I have clicked on them. I can only change the option but not uncheck. Please fix this bug....
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Review our languages and platforms for Dev Survey 2021

Update on May 10th, 2021: Thanks for all the responses, we'll be compiling and acting on the ones provided so far but can't commit to reviewing further ones. As Teresa mentioned in her quarterly ...
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When will the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021 be released?

We are at the end of January 2021, and still I do not see any discussion or timeline for Developer Survey 2021. Stack Overflow is planning for that, right? This time it's too interesting to know how ...
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Question suggestion for Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021: Are certifications valuable?

I have a question pair suggestion for Stack Overflow Developer survey 2021. Do you think certifications are important for getting hired? a) Highly Agree b) Somewhat agree c) Neutral d) Somewhat ...
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