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Popular meta questions sidebar MIA [duplicate]

Until recently there has been three categories in the yellow box at the top of the SO sidebar, "Blog", "Featured on Meta", and "Popular Meta Questions" (or some such, I forget the exact wording). I ...
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No hot meta post, again [duplicate]

This kinda happens whenever there's many featured items and at least one blog item as seen Minimum number of hot meta posts not shown and Shouldn't we have at least one hot meta posts network wide ...
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Question Feed Icon - Circle looks like a potato

When zooming on the SVG icon of Question Feed: looks like this: This is horrible. It's obviously a PNG/JPG image that got vectorized by Vector Magic or something like that. I draw a better ...
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Shouldn't we have at least one hot meta posts network wide on the community bulletin?

This is not a duplicate of What happened to the Hot Meta Posts?, they are different issues, as this is not only network wide (other issue was specific to SO), but it is easily reproducible (for ...
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Why do feature-requests and support questions appear in the community bulletin?

According to How are the contents of the Community Bulletin determined?: If there are still fewer than 4 items listed, then featured meta posts are shown (only those scoring 0 or above). If ...
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What happened to Hot Meta Posts again? [closed]

For at least three days now, there are no Hot Meta Posts in the bulletin. It currently has 3 links only (two blog posts and a "Featured on Meta" post): Similar posts that don't answer this ...
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Why there's only 3 items in the Community Bulletin?

According to the rules of how are post show in the CB: If there are still under 4 items, the rest of the space is filled with hot discussion questions not marked status-completed, scoring at ...
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Dynamically Expand the Community Bulletin, if no Hot Meta Post is shown

We have the Hot Meta posts, which are IMHO extremely useful: But sometimes, if we have many featured or Blog Posts or whatever, they are hidden. We also have had a Bug Report about it. It turned out,...
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After removing the featured tag, featured items aren't unfeatured (that or they come back from the otherworld)

The burnination request for the [godaddy], is on the community bulletin, featured, as of 17:32 UTC. The problem is that undo removed the tag from the question as 14:12:33Z, basically 3 hours and at ...
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I like the number of Hot Meta Posts shown

In the past when there were a lot of blog posts or featured content in the side panel, sometimes Hot Meta Posts got left out or there was only one. After I had finished reading all the featured ...
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Differences about Hot Meta Posts right side bar

I have noticed about Hot Meta Posts ordering. The ordering of posts are different on Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow Meta. I have reload the page few times at both the places and it's not random ...
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