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Apply to questions whose topic is a proposal for or any of the various available RSS feeds made available by Stack Overflow, including the chat bot.

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Does Discussions Beta have its own RSS feed for tags?

I'm trying to find if there is a Discussions-specific RSS feed like there is for questions. I would like to find and respond to items with a particular tag or two. Is this possible?
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Was SO RSS feed blocked for robots recently? (2024-02)

Example:{user_id} When going to my feed (, it works well. But, since a few days, my GitHub Action that used to fetch ...
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The Stack Overflow RSS feeds are useless

Based on this monthly average questions per day query and this questions per day query on SEDE, Stack Overflow is getting significantly over 2000 questions per day. Currently, the RSS feed for newest ...
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6 votes
1 answer

The RSS feed is invalid

My reader application (inoreader) fails to subscribe to the Stack Overflow blog. See validation here This feed does not validate. line 36, column 54: XML parsing error: :36:54: undefined entity <...
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RSS feeds regularly send glut of wrong messages [duplicate]

We use the RSS feed integration in Slack to see relevant posts on Stack Overflow and respond to them in a timely fashion. However, on a fairly regular basis (perhaps every few weeks?) a sudden flood ...
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RSS feed for a tag erroneously including other data

I have a Slack channel subscribed to this has worked great for several years. However, there have been two recent occurrences where we got a slew of posts ...
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Creating an RSS feed from a filter created by my profile to follow up on new questions

If the correct place for this question is not here, please just let me know where I should do it and I'll delete it! According to this question: Tag feeds do not generate `Newest` questions in Slack I'...
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Add industry, company size and role to Jobs RSS Feed

The RSS feed on currently returns a XML like this one: <item> <guid isPermaLink="false">150823</guid> <link>https://...
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Is there a way to filter questions with a minimum score value in RSS feeds

I would like to define an RSS feed showing questions scoring 3 or larger. Similar to what is possible in searches. What I have tried is the following but that is not working.
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Using the job RSS feed for a free feature on a platform with subscription model

I was wondering about the definition of the term ‘non-commercial’ in the context of Stack Overflow. Specifically in regards to this question: Can I scrape Stack Overflow job postings? If we are a free ...
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Jobs RSS feed: limit result items

I'm using the RSS feed URL but it's super slow as it seems to be downloading 1000 results. Is there a way to paginate or limit the returned results?
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10 votes
1 answer

Jobs RSS feed does not show all results in real time

I contacted Stack Overflow support a few weeks ago and they said I should ask my question here: There is an issue with the jobs RSS feed that I noticed several times. For example, the 15 May I ...
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29 votes
2 answers

RSS feed with only new questions

I have a bunch of RSS feeds for various SO tags. However, lately they have become much less useful, since various people have taken it upon themselves to edit years-old questions in meaningless ways (...
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19 votes
0 answers

Is it possible to enable CORS on the RSS feed?

I'd like users to be able to search Stack Overflow Jobs from my site using the RSS feed as an API so I can put the jobs in a different format, but CORS does not appear to be enabled. I could use my ...
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Get certain Feeds List history of Chat Room on Stack Overflow

I have been trying to track a feed of when I was raised as an owner of a channel. So far no luck, went through chat history of 7 to 8 month's every single day. Is there a way to get the list of feeds,...
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RSS feed for newsletter

I love the newsletters, but would love to receive them in my RSS feed, rather than in my inbox. Is there any way to do this?
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2 votes
2 answers

Tag feeds do not generate `Newest` questions in Slack

After having changed the primary tag for a platform on Stack Overflow, I need to update some RSS feeds. I expected that I would be able to just change the old tag to the new tag and get similar ...
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Is it allowed to aggregate Stack Overflow jobs on a free to use job board? [duplicate]

I'm working on building a aggregated public list of jobs in software development for few of my friends and anyone else who might find it useful to get job postings from one place. Stack Overflow ...
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Question Feed Icon - Circle looks like a potato

When zooming on the SVG icon of Question Feed: looks like this: This is horrible. It's obviously a PNG/JPG image that got vectorized by Vector Magic or something like that. I draw a better ...
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Change in Stack Overflow RSS feeds?

I've been following Stack Overflow with my RSS reader, an older version of NetNewsWire, for years, using subscriptions like ""....
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1 answer

Wrong popup displaying when click on the icon in the "Subscribe to RSS"

In the bottom of the Jobs page, there is an option to Subscribe to RSS. When clicking on the link it opens the popup to provide the URL for the RSS. But if you are press on the icon (circled in the ...
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Duplicates in chat feed ticker

There's been a drop-down feed ticker in the MATLAB & Octave room on SO chat for a long time. Last night we noticed that each post started appearing twice in the feed: The raw RSS feed contains ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Python RSS Feed Not Updating

The Python RSS feed has seemingly not updated in almost two days. Given the historical frequency of new Python questions I find this difficult to believe. My other Stack Overflow feeds have been ...
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1 answer

Feed email notification misfiring?

I just received an email notification of 6 items supposedly from the XSD feed, but they are not tagged as xsd or anything related. This is new and unusual. Bug? Update (2017-03-22) The misfiring ...
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1 answer

Gmail reports Stack Overflow feed as phishing [closed]

I am subscribed to the javascript tag and get emails about new questions tagged JavaScript. For some reason, Gmail reports one email containing my feed as phishing. Is this Gmail's false positive, or ...
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16 votes
0 answers

"An invalid XML character" in RSS feed for question with unusual characters in it

The question Special Characters introduced into the files when uploaded to SFTP using Blogical adapter produces invalid XML when it's part of an RSS feed. The XML corresponding to the "special ...
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Click "featured php questions feed" opens XML file

So I was looking around the recent PHP questions and I saw a button, featured php questions feed, as shown here: On click, it opened this link - And it opened what seemed to be pure HTML and PHP, JS, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Feeds not retrieving questions in chatroom

I'm one of the owners of this chatroom. I want to set up some questions feed on the chatroom by adding a feed. Yet, nothing is being retrieved by that feed e.g no questions are appearing neither as ...
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Documentation feeds [closed]

It would be nice if Documentation would have RSS feeds that we could consume in SE chatrooms. I for one, would definitely add a feed for requested vba topics in the VBA-dedicated chatroom I own.
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3 votes
1 answer

Careers RSS feeds included many expired posts overnight

Overnight or this morning (U.S. Central time, anyway), some RSS feeds from Careers returned a plethora of posts as "new," even though the posts appear to be expired. For example, the feed at https://...
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1 answer

Is there a way to get popular feeds for 1-week back or 1-month back?

I'm finding it very helpful to read through many current posts on the C# and R questions. I actually read several topics, but the two mentioned above get so many posts each and every day it is ...
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28 votes
5 answers

User RSS Feeds: Feeding the Hand that Bites You?

Background: Feed me, Seymour! Every SO user has an RSS feed. For example, mine can be accessed at this link: [Note: Anyone can view any user's feed; you ...
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1 answer

Follow Users and Tags like for Questions [duplicate]

It is possible to follow questions via RSS feed at the bottom of a qestion page. This would be helpful for users and tags as well.
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Where did the link to featured questions feed go?

I am subscribed to the featured questions feed on Stack Overflow, which contains questions with bounties. I think I got its address from the original featured questions tab several years ago. But the ...
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Layout issue of "question feed" text overlapping when page contains small amount of data

There is a layout issue when page contains posts in the list at the time. "recently active yii2-extension questions feed" text overlapping to right side panel/bar: Another snap:
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1 answer

Is it possible to get an RSS feed of just answers from a particular user?

I notice that there is a "user feed" link which provides a feed of all activity from a given user, but is there a way to slice it up so it's just one thing, answers, or questions, or comments?
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1 answer

Sort RSS feed by date?

I'd like to scrape data from the Stack Overflow careers RSS feed, and I would like to receive the RSS feed entries sorted by date, with the most recent entries first. Is there a way to accomplish this?...
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4 votes
0 answers

Stack overflow RSS feed failure

I'm using RSSOwl and the below feed fails as "Invalid or Malformed Feed". When I put the feed url into 'Feed Validator' it ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Japanese SO posts appearing in SO filtered feeds

I just found a link in my filtered questions that comes from I did not ask for jp posts, because I cannot understand them. Why are they appearing in my question feed?
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4 votes
1 answer

News Feed Issue

I accidentally clicked the news feed button at the bottom of the page while browsing questions and to my surprise it showed me this: <feed xmlns="" xmlns:creativeCommons=...
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1 answer

Invalid atom feed generated

The current rss feed for the ocaml tag on stackoverflow is currently marked as invalid by most rss readers that I've tried. According to W3C's feed validator, the culprit is the text from this ...
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1 answer

RSS feed from search result missing (?)

I am following up on an earlier the post suggesting to use search & RSS feeds for staying up-to-date. The problem is, if I follow the suggested steps, I do not get an RSS link. Use advanced ...
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1 answer

How do I find the "better" questions OR hide questions I'm not interested in?

The front page seems to show me what's "interesting" based on my tags. Those featured are ones that have bounties on them, etc. The /questions has similar ways of filtering. For the most part I'm ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Why do these old posts continue to arrive by "newest" RSS feed?

I've been noting more and more old (oooold) posts in my RSS feed: "Newest questions tagged tag1 or tag2 or tag3" ( E....
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Stack Overflow RSS feed with user details [duplicate]

I am using the RSS feed for Stack Overflow and writing my own parser. All is OK but I would like to get more details about the user posting the question. Is it possible to get the user details, more ...
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10 votes
1 answer

RSS feed for favorite question activity

I have a RSS feed link called user feed at [site-name]/users/[userid]/[username] Are there any similar RSS feed links to track the activities on my favorite questions?
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10 votes
1 answer

RSS feed to include total reputation points

I know I can use this feed[site]/users/[userid]/reputation to get changes in reputation as well as the reason for change, but it returns change only. Is there ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Can I hide questions based on tag name(s) from my feed?

TL;DR; Question is deprecated. The default SO algorithm, made finding the right questions to answer very difficult as questions were all over the place, different tags, many topics. The question was ...
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