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Review an answer that isn't an answer to a question that isn't a question [duplicate]

I just failed a Late Answer Review Audit: As far as I can remember this is the first time I didn't pass in a total of about 400 completed review ...
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Is technical correctness check expected during Late Answer reviews? [duplicate]

My understanding is that reviewing answers doesn't require verification from the technical correctness perspective - that's what votes are for. However this appears (to me at least) to be ...
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Review audit failed for low quality posts? [duplicate]

I reviewed this late answer as No Action Needed. As the question was about the migration tool and the answer provides the link for the same. ...
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Do we need to review accepted answers? [duplicate]

For example: The OP answered his question himself. Even if the answer was from somebody else, I think "no action needed" is the only option for ...
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Why is this OK-looking Late Answer deemed unacceptable by the review queue? [duplicate]

I'm trying to do my best when reviewing late answers and other stuff and in some cases, I'm really puzzled as to why they are deemed "unacceptable"? I mean, this question here is specifically about ...
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Late answer already flagged as "Not an answer" [duplicate]

Just failed this audit I have flagged this as "not an answer" already but came up as an audit, so I ticked "No Action Needed" (as it was flagged ...
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Review audit: Answer marked as spam, unclear why [duplicate]

Today I hit a review audit failure. I tagged this answer as "Looks OK", yet the audit told me it should've been "Recommend Deletion". I am not sure why. Albeit a short one, the answer seems legit and ...
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Do reviewers need to be domain experts? [duplicate]

I just got this audit: And since I apparently have failed it, now I have a 7-day ban. I'm not complaining that there is a 7-day ban; I ...
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Review ban on first post, which doesnt appear in reviewed item list [duplicate]

I got a review ban on this post: Now I obviously agree that this is something that doesn't belong on SO. However, it appears that I haven't ...
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Do I have to flag answer or question in review? [duplicate]

Today I receive a review ban saying Many of your recent reviews have been unhelpful. For example: this should've been edited and flagged as "not an answer". This should've been edited and flagged ...
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Bluffing answer reviews! [duplicate]

I had a little bit of spare time and I thought of going through and reviewing things on Stack Overflow. I just had a look in an answer that was a one-liner, definitely not providing a solid solution....
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Yet another questionable review audit [duplicate]

Here's another question about review audits... I got this audit: Although this was "identified as possible spam", the way I see it the user was ...
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How literally should I interpret "It should possibly be a comment" flag? [duplicate]

So I recently unlocked the review queue and I decided to try it out and see how it works. During the reviewing process I ran into two "Late Answers" to two separate questions, where in both ...
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Guidelines for new reviewers [duplicate]

I'm trying to make sure I understand what should or should not be edited. For example, I've seen that "Thanks in advance" should be removed. However, I can't find this in any guidelines. I've checked ...
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Banning from the review queue [duplicate]

So I have been banned from the review queue several times (I'm currently on the 1 month ban), always for "erring" on the side of niceness. Most recently I was banned for saying an answer to a PHP ...
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