I have a Stack Overflow answer here that includes a TOML code block.

I have tagged the code fence:


But the resulting highlighting looks very poor and does not even highlight the comments correctly.

Enter image description here

Given TOML's prevalence in the Python and Rust communities, this surprised me. Is the highlighter for toml broken or missing? Am I annotating the code block incorrectly?

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The shorthand hinting works by looking at the corresponding tag's syntax highlighting (source). doesn't have a Code Language (used for syntax highlighting) defined so it was ignored in favour of the tags on the question specifically since it has a specified Code Language lang-rust. In the case of multiple tags that have specified Code Languages it "lets highlight.js infer what's the best language to use."

I've edited the the answer to use the explicit lang-toml notation:


and it now renders as expected (since lang-toml is one of the available languages on Stack Exchange):

opt-level = 'z'     # Optimize for size.
lto = true          # Enable Link Time Optimization
codegen-units = 1   # Reduce number of codegen units to increase optimizations.
panic = 'abort'     # Abort on panic
strip = true        # Strip symbols from binary*

It may be helpful to have a mod add the Code language for to be lang-toml which would fix this issue everywhere it's currently being used and moving forward (any future usage).

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