The tag has 388 questions as of now, 377 of them mention Angular either in the title or the body. Its excerpt reads:

Questions about Angular Reactive Forms(not template-driven forms). Use this tag for questions related to reactive-forms. Please mention the version of the angular used where you see the issue.

And has 3365 of them. Its excerpt is almost the same as that of .

Questions about Angular Reactive Forms, an Angular technique for creating forms in a reactive style. Use this tag for questions which are not specific to an individual version of Angular.

I understand that has reactive forms too, but neither of these excerpts allow questions about them.

Is there a subtle difference between these two that I'm missing? Is there any reason not to merge them?

Apparently there is no difference between them. Please make a synonym of .

  • I just looked and it looks like the two tags have been marked as synonyms. I personally think the difference is that [reactive-forms] are about the abstract idea of a reactive form, like [booleans] are, and less about a framework, like [angular-reactive-forms] is. – Lazerbeak12345 Feb 4 at 16:05
  • 5
    @Lazerbeak12345 Both literally mention Angular Reactive Forms – Mike S. Feb 5 at 10:16

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