The tag has 413 questions as of now, 402 of them mention Angular either in the title or the body. Its excerpt reads:

Questions about Angular Reactive Forms(not template-driven forms). Use this tag for questions related to reactive-forms. Please mention the version of the angular used where you see the issue.

And has 3587 of them, its excerpt is almost the same as that of .

Questions about Angular Reactive Forms, an Angular technique for creating forms in a reactive style. Use this tag for questions which are not specific to an individual version of Angular.

I understand that has reactive forms too, but we have tag for questions about them.

Apparently there is no difference between these tags. Please make a synonym of .

  • I just looked and it looks like the two tags have been marked as synonyms. I personally think the difference is that [reactive-forms] are about the abstract idea of a reactive form, like [booleans] are, and less about a framework, like [angular-reactive-forms] is. Feb 4, 2021 at 16:05

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Looks like the synonym got created by the community, with the system awarding the "creator" prize to Paul Samsotha.

I've gone ahead and merged the tags now, so marking this as complete.

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